Backbone One, an iPhone game controller from Backbone Labs, attempts to bring mobile gaming more in line with console gaming when used with its accompanying app.


Backbone, which was quietly released on Tuesday, consists of two parts: the controller itself and an accompanying app. There are presently no physical stores where you can buy the controller; instead, you must use the accompanying app and buy it in sporadic “drops” to customers for use Backbone Labs Coupon.

The Backbone One is an extendable controller with two analog sticks, a d-pad, four regular buttons, and two shoulder triggers that lengthens to fit around the iPhone. A 3.5mm headphone jack and a Lightning port for pass-through charging are included on the base, and an internal lightning connector fits into the iPhone itself.

Four additional buttons on the controller are used to access the various features of the Backbone companion app, which attempts to bring mobile gaming closer to console gaming. When the iPhone is inserted, pressing the Backbone button will open the app and show all the games that are currently installed as well as any other games that accept external controllers, such as those on Apple Arcade.

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Users have the option of using a dedicated button to capture screenshots or 1080p30 gameplay videos, which are stored on the iPhone and may be edited and shared on social media via the app. The app’s Party feature, which is also used to keep track of pals, is controlled via a third additional button that is used to handle social gaming. Tapping this button mutes in-app audio chat.

In order to increase the likelihood of multiplayer gaming, the social component of the app can also notify users when friends are taking part in a game they can join.

With iOS 13 or later, the controller is compatible with iPhone 6s and subsequent iPhone models. The controller weighs 4.87 ounces and has the following dimensions: 3.7 inches tall, 1.28 inches deep, and between 6.94 inches and 10.14 inches when enlarged.

The $99 Backbone One controller is available through the official app, but the initial quantity of 3,000 devices has already been consumed. According to the app, the next release window will be on October 30.

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