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Successful Family Do These 10 Things Differently

Successful Modern Families Do Differently This 10 Things

What is it that’s required for a modern family to succeed? The statistics paint a rather grim image of the modern family. We hear about divorce, teens who are out of control as well as infidelity “broken homes,” and sometimes , even emotional and physical abuse. Definitions of what constitutes a successful family differ, but the majority of sociologists and family therapists are in agreement on a few principles that separate successful families from ones that fail. What is the best way to define success for the family? It’s the concept of a family that is successful. I’ve adopted in my therapy for families: A happy family fosters the sense of a positive family and individual identity, which fosters positive and satisfying interactions between everyone, and deals by stress in a manner that creates more flexibility and cohesion within your family.


I recently presented in the Hoag Hospital. Hoag Hospital to expecting/prenatal couples about what is required to help couples transition into family life in a manner that is an accomplishment. I’d like to share the highlights of the talk– 

The 10 elements of a family that is successful today.

1. Successful family have distinct the roles of each member

Families that are successful know that there exists a clear balanced, fair, and flexible structure within the family which lets every member understand their part within the family. In addition, when it comes to roles, families that are successful also are aware of the process of making decisions in the family. “>Parents who have a successful family are leaders, but are not always strict, and clearly in control, and yet accept input and influence by their kids.

2. Families that are successful have social connections

Successful families aren’t isolated from society and maintain strong connections to the rest of society. One of the signs in successful families is their capacity to call on resources from outside the family to assistance. According to the old saying: It takes a village! Successful families understand the significance of having friends and neighbors, extended families babysitters, nannys and other methods to maintain social connections to social connection and also the necessity of seeking help from outside the family.

3. Families that are successful see the bigger picture

The issue of religious orientation is mentioned time and repeatedly as one of the major factors that determine the quality of a family. The religion that families take part in, or how often they participate in attendance at church or synagogue is not crucial for the overall success for the entire family. It is it is more important to ensure that your family’s values are centered to a set of moral norms that guide the members of the family. Successful families can see the larger view of the significance and motivations behind being as a family.

4. Successful family track record are able to adapt

Families with a strong foundation are able to exhibit flexibility when faced with difficult life events that affect the entire family. However, families that are trapped within rigid rules of the family and roles are usually unable to make the transition smoothly through crucial family life-cycle milestones as well as family problems due to an unhealthy belief in rigidity within the family. Families that are successful know their roles, yet they are able to be able to move between roles for the good of their family.

5. Families that succeed support one another

Families that succeed are supportive of each member by offering respect, encouragement, and acknowledgement. Family members who are happy are aware of the individuality of individuals, but are also capable of cultivating an awareness of being part of the entire family. The family structure provides the feeling of security to each individual member, which protects, but doesn’t feel as if it is a barrier.

6. Families that thrive balance “me” vs. “we”

Time spent with family is a measurement that is often reported of successful families, not only in terms of number, but also the quality. Families that are successful enjoy their bonding and conduct their lives in a manner that promotes connectivity and bonding by spending quality time together. Furthermore, successful families respect the independence and individual requirements of each member and seek to encourage the development of both families and individuals.

7. Successful family honor their marriage

Successful families recognize that the marriage relationship is the basis and glue that keeps your family unit. In the event that the couple isn’t functioning well, the overall success of the entire family may be compromised. The introduction of children into the marriage results in a natural–and normal–disconnection in the spousal relationship, but successful families traverse this family life-cycle period and return to a high quality marital relationship.

8. Successful family communicate effectively

Effective communication is one of the most often mentioned characteristics of a successful family. Families that have a successful communication system are transparent, open and honest. families communicate with one often to show concern and ask questions about one another’s lives, and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner. A healthy family relationship is associated with self-esteem and confidence for family members. Families that are successful understand there might be no correct solutions, but there are only the right methods to resolve issues.

9. Families with a successful culture appreciate one another

Families that are successful provide their families a great deal of positive reinforcement throughout the daily activities. Families that are successful appreciate all member of their family and have a consistent communication pattern which encourage the appreciation of each other through daily positive interactions.

10. Families with a strong reputation are dedicated

Successful families have a clear feeling of belonging and unity with each other. They work as a team and know that every household member to be a trustworthy partner. It’s not unusual in successful families to see members unite to face challenges to the family in order to ensure the wellbeing of the entire family.

The process of creating the conditions that is conducive to a happy modern family and fostering the 10 elements can be a difficult task and seem like a daunting job particularly if the relationships within the family are not in good shape. It is normal for families to go through emotionally “up’s and down’s” in the course of their lives, particularly when it comes to difficult times such as the birth of a new baby or having a teenager as a person in your family. These are normal ebbs and flow of family routines. If you’re having trouble in any one of the aspects, you should consider finding an trustworthy psychotherapist to assist you in getting your family back on track towards successful outcomes.



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