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Solution of DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Is Not Running


Are you having trouble identifying your controller? Here’s a straightforward guide to explain the reasons for this and the best way to resolve it. Even the most enthusiastic PC gamers like to play games using the DS4Windows controller once. Certain games are made to make it more fun when you do not use the keyboard and mouse while playing.


We suggest having an extra controller at your desk for the occasion that you require it while playing the latest game. A well-known method to get a DualShock controller to run on Windows is to use the software DS4Windows.

The software can be a bit glitchy and sometimes isn’t in the right place and doesn’t recognize your device, and, in this case, you’ll need to use one of the solutions listed in this guide to help. So, we’ll tell you what to be aware of without further delay.

Note: We’ll use Ryochan7’s version of the DS4Windows software for this tutorial. This is because this version is constantly upgraded and is highly recommended by people in the community as a safer and more stable alternative to the original version, which seems to have been ignored by its creator.

It’s the identical Tool but more refined. This is the brand-new GitHub repository that houses the Tool if you’re a developer, contributor, or is interested in seeing what’s happening with the code in the background.

The problem explained. ( DS4Windows )

As stated, past, DS4Windows is an open-source tool for Windows that allows you to use the DualShock controller from your computer, something that is not possible. Without the DS4Windows program, console owners can only use the Xbox controller using your Windows PC.

This is logical since Xbox and Windows are both developed and owned by Microsoft; however, Sony is a competitor with their PlayStation console and uses the DualShock controller created for it, which is a direct competitor. Fortunately, DS4Windows can “trick” your computer into thinking you’re connecting the Xbox controller, not an actual DualShock.

It can come with certain disadvantages, for instance, watching the overlay of the game like you’re playing on your Xbox controller. However, it’s still superior to playing using the DualShock controller in the first place. The program is fairly simple and derives all the landscapes you need to play all-in-one gameplay.

But, sometimes, it does not recognize the controller, which cannot be easy to deal with. The solutions and tricks provided in this article will assist you in resolving the issue swiftly and quickly. Let’s look at the look. Before reading further, install the DS4Windows Tool on the official website. We will use the ryochan7 Fork that can be downloaded here.

Solution 1. Update the DS4Windows Tool.

One of the most frequent reasons that the DS4Windows Tool cannot recognize the DualShock controller is that it’s outdated. The most straightforward solution to this issue is typically upgrading your software with the most recent version.

We’ll explain how to do this.

1. Several users have verified this solution to be effective; this is the reason we suggest trying it out first. It’s quick and easy, and the procedure itself is completely automated.

2. Here’s how to navigate to the directory where you’ve every one of the DS4Windows downloads.

3. Double-click the DS4Updater. It can be executed as a file that will start the process of updating when it is executed.

4. The application will search its archive and replace older files with newer updated versions.

5. It is possible that the app will not be able to find apprises if you’ve lately downloaded the most present version, DS4Windows.

After the process has been finished, a message will be read, “DS4Windows is up-to-date”. Close the updater window, and restart the program. DS4Windows should now be able to recognize your controller. This should resolve the issue, but if it does not, other solutions should be considered.

Solution 2: Verify that your controller is turned on in Windows Device Manager Panel.

This situation is more likely than you imagine, as many users have had to search for hours to find the root of the issue only to find that their device was not enabled from the Windows Device Manager panel. Here’s how to make sure that isn’t the case for you:

1. Launch using the DS4Windows software and connect the controller to your computer.

2. Select the Windows icon at the lowest left corner of your taskbar and select Device Boss from the list of selections. 

3. The arrow symbol to expand your Human Interface Devices section, then look for “HID-compliant gaming controller” within the device list.

4. When you find it, right-click, and select Allow Device.

5. Then close your Device Manager panel and open the DS4Windows application. Your DualShock 4 controller should now be listed in the “Controllers. “Controllers” section.

If the devices were previously disengaged, you would solve the issue permanently, resulting in them not being recognized through The DS4Windows software. Windows 10 updates are notorious for turning off devices from the Device Manager panel, so should you have recently downloaded one, you’re very likely to find you’re affected by this issue.

Solution 3: Check for Hardware Changes in the Panel for Device Manager Panel.

Another simple solution for DS4Windows not detecting controller error is to check for any hardware changes within your devices Manager panel. It takes only less than a second to accomplish and has helped many people gain access to their controllers, and that’s why we suggest you try this.

This is what you must do:

1. Just as previously mentioned, open Device Manager on your PC by pressing the Windows logo on the left-hand side of your taskbar. Then, select Device Executive from the list of elections.

2.  Right-click on the parent, main object, which must have the identical name as the PC. Our system’s case it’s “Desktop-85HDL35,” but it could be different for you.

Select Scan to make changes to your Hardware, which was our only choice. The process generally takes a few seconds, but it can differ based on the performance of your PC. It should not take more than 30 seconds. When your system is finished checking for hardware changes, The controller will appear as a device connected to your computer.

Solution 4: Eradicate the Controller and Rewire It. ( DS4Windows )

Reconnecting it to your computer is proven to solve the issue. Here’s the procedure to follow and what you should know when doing it.

1. Check that your software DS4Windows is not running and that your controller is not plugged in.

2. Choice the Windows icon situated in the lower-left corner of your taskbar, and select Search.

3. Enter “Control Panel” into the search box and choose one of the results.

4. This will include presenting the Control Panel you need for this technique.

5. In the top-right corner will see “View through:” choose Category. Click on Hardware and Sound; after that, click Devices and Printers.

6. On the Devices and Imprinters panel, locate the controller and click on it to right-click. Choose Possessions from the dropdown menu.

7. Select Hardware, then open the tab you require, after which click the Properties button located in the lower right corner, just below the list.

8. In the properties of the game controller that are HID compliant window, select to change settings at the end. Click on the “Driver” tab, “Driver” tab, then click Uninstall Device.

9. Then confirm the process. Click OK in the controller’s settings window.

10. This will close the window. Install DS4Windows and attach the DualShock 4 controller back to your computer.

Wait approximately time until the hardware alteration is reset and is long-established. After that, your controller will be visible in the program. This is a permanent solution to the issue for many users, and it will be able to work for you too.

Fix 5: Reboot Your PC.

If you’ve tried any of the fixes listed in this article, it is recommended to reboot your computer. Even if you don’t perform any of the above propositions, starting your PC again may result in your controller appearing on both the Device Manager panel and your DS4Windows Tool. This is a permanent solution to frequent issues you may face, so why not give it a shot?


You have the solution to your “DS4Windows not detecting the controller” problem on your computer. It could be a hardware issue if you’re still experiencing problems despite trying these solutions. Try replacing the controller or the hawser that connects it to your computer, and determine if the issue endures.

This may be the cause if you’re using an old controller or cable. Make sure it’s the correct cable. Some people also suggest reverting to an earlier Windows version to address the issue since the belief is that Windows updates could cause this issue.


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