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Simple Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes 2022


There are several options for simple pooja room designs. Whether you want to make it look elegant and traditional or keep it simple and functional, there are many options available. The following article discusses the different materials and styles you can use for your pooja room. This article also discusses lighting options. In addition, you will learn how to find an affordable and suitable lighting option for your pooja room.


Designing a pooja room

The first step in making your pooja room a sanctuary is to make it attractive. Choosing bright colours like orange, yellow, red and green will be auspicious and a wonderful way to make your room stand out. You can also use rangoli work on the door or stickers to mark its entrance. Marigold flowers are also considered to be auspicious. Place one of them in front of the room every day.

The pooja room should be designed in a way that it resembles the gopura of a temple. You can choose a double-door design that is adorned with small brass bells and intricate lotus motifs. Buy mandir online India at Craftatoz.The idol of your choice should be placed on a pedestal at the center of the room and against a backdrop of jaali. To create a halo effect around the idol, you can install a soft golden backlight.

A traditional pooja room design is also beautiful, with the doorway surrounded by tiling. If you’d like to create a more modern look, you can hang a brass kalash or add string lights. Another option is to use a brass lamp in place of a pooja lantern. These are both attractive and incredibly versatile. Decorative jalli designs are a great way to add beauty to your pooja room, as they reflect the rainbow colors.

If you don’t have a dedicated pooja room, you can incorporate elements of meditation and worship in the living room. Decorative items like framed pictures of your favorite idols can be placed on side tables. For the ultimate impact, you can also hang bells or wind chines in places that get a regular breeze. It’s important that you consider your pooja room’s size as well as the overall layout of your house.

Traces are also a great way to add depth to your Pooja room. These decorative pieces can be made of various materials and styles, and can be customized with symbols or etchings of gods. You can use light colours to accent the pooja room, and you can add metallic elements to the doorways and ceiling if you want. Be careful not to overdo it though.

Choosing a style

You can choose to create an Indian temple in your home. This temple should be peaceful and have elements that are calming and reassuring. A lighter theme would be the best choice for such a room. You can go for white walls. You can also use mable stone for flooring and walls. These stones are cool and are often used in temple interiors.

For a more rustic look, you can opt for stone cladding. Stone cladding is a beautiful option that can give your pooja ghar a natural feel without looking overdone. It would also contrast well with a cream or white wall. A good pooja ghar can be made of stone at an affordable price. Depending on your budget, you can buy stone cladding for less than Rs. 95 per square foot.

When it comes to decorating the pooja room, you can opt for a variety of colors. White is the best option for the wall and flooring because it complements many styles. The entrance to the pooja room should be distinct from the rest of the home. To make it look richer, you can frame the images of the Gods in gold and silver. Your pooja room should be easy to clean. You can also opt for bright colors. Try pastel shades if you want to make it appear more spacious and peaceful. White is a great choice for the wall, as it gives purity and serenity.

Metallic finishes are another popular choice for Pooja rooms. They give the prayer room a more luxurious look, but be careful not to overdo it. You can also choose from various metal options available in the market. These can be used as a focal point or backdrop. This style is appropriate for both modern and traditional homes. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the metallic colors.

Lighting is essential for a pooja room. A chandelier, overhead lighting, and string lights can provide adequate illumination for the pooja room. You can also use brass objects for decoration. If you have the room, you can incorporate a brass kalash for water and a Shree Yantra for good luck. You can also include a crystal bead curtain for beauty. This type of curtain will reflect rainbow colours.

Choosing a material

Simple pooja room designs for Indian homes can be done by incorporating a door into the design. You can choose between a glass or wood door, depending on your preferences. Wooden doors are the most practical as they provide partial visibility, yet sufficient privacy. Glass doors are better if the pooja room is part of the living area. The price range of stone cladding is moderate, at Rs. 95 per square foot.

Traditional woodwork is also available in various styles, including carved wood. While wood is traditionally associated with old world charm, it is still a suitable material for a simple Pooja room design. However, wood naturally means higher cost. Moreover, you can purchase refurbished woodwork and use it as new. Antique flea markets are a great place to find the design you are looking for.

If you have a small apartment or a small house, you can make a cubical partition in the room. A glass wall is better than wood panels as wood would make the cubical too dark and dingy. Glass walls will provide a clear and bright atmosphere, which is why etched glass is the best option for walls. Either way, decorative designs on glass panels will make it look beautiful.

When choosing a material for a puja room, choose a Vastu-compliant material. Wood is a traditional material, so choose a piece made of wood if it is possible. Wooden doors with intricate details are traditional, but plywood is inexpensive and easy to build with. For a modern style, a glass door is perfect. Glass doors can be frosted, etched, or clear. Either type provides partial visibility. Doorways with jaalis provide ventilation and partial visibility.

The colour of a pooja room is important, and one that has a meditative tone can help you concentrate on your prayers. In Hindu traditions and rituals, colours play a vital role. Consider using a colour with a meditative connotation. For example, bright yellow or pale yellow can help you relax and meditate, while a muted orange tone can enhance your pooja room’s beauty.

Lighting options

Simple pooja room designs require good lighting. You can install overhead or string lights, or add a chandelier. Use brass objects as adornment. They blend well with the theme of the rest of the house. Focus lights are also a great option. This can draw attention to the benevolent god. This kind of lighting is also fairly inexpensive. Despite its small size, a good lighting scheme can make a pooja room appear larger and more welcoming.

If you’re working with limited space, consider installing a wall-mounted puja unit. These use wall space and are ideal for apartment or small-sized homes. You can install a wall-mounted pooja unit in your living room or bedroom and decorate it with focus lights and traditional collectibles. For more details and photos, check out the simple pooja room designs for Indian homes 2022.

While the interior design and style of your pooja room are largely dependent on the theme of the house, the lighting in your pooja room should be equally beautiful. You may choose to install backlit panels and concealed lighting to enhance the appearance of the main focal points. Despite the size of your pooja room, it is important to consider the lighting options in detail. The key is to find a balance between focus and ambient lighting.

Place your pooja room near a window. It’s easy to do, and it will provide you with ample light and ventilation. For an even better effect, place the pooja room near a window, preferably one that faces the sun. The sun will help to keep the room bright and ventilated. It is also a great way to add an element of nature.

If space is an issue, you can choose a wall-mounted shelf that serves as a puja unit. This is a perfect choice for homes that are small and lack space. A beautiful wall-mounted mirror can be used for the pooja room as well. The pooja unit itself can be made from glass or wood, and you can also decorate it with traditional knick-knacks. You can also choose stone-embossed walls to give the room a natural rustic feel.


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