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Des Moines Postal office Services offered


The United States Post Office is a historic structure in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. In 1974, it was separately placed on the National Register of Historic Places. When the Civic Center Historic District was formed in 1988, it became a contributing property. Polk County’s administrative offices are presently housed there.


Even though the post office now provides many services online, there are still circumstances where you might need to go to your neighborhood post office. Nearly every community in the U.S. has a USPS office, and these facilities provide a wide range of services.

About USPS

The only delivery service in the country that serves all 160 million homes, companies, and Post Office Boxes are the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service depends on selling stamps, goods, and services to cover operational costs because it does not get government funding.

The Postal Service distributes 48% of the world’s Mail and has more than 34,000 retail outlets in addition to, one of the most popular government websites. Its yearly operating income is more than $71 billion. They are one of the biggest employers in the country with more than 630,000 workers. We also possess one of the most extensive computer networks in the world.

The postal service currently offers a wide range of online services that let you do business without entering a post office. Thanks to these online USPS services, you won’t even need to leave home, which may greatly ease your burden. You may now accomplish the following things online:

  • Make shipping labels.
  • Determine postage.
  • You may order stamps and other products from the whole postal store.
  • Obtain or renew a P.O. Box.
  • Plan a second delivery.
  • Plan a pickup.
  • Deliver Mail
  • Label Broker USPS

About Des Moines postal services:

The post office could be found in Des Moines, Washington, at 2003 S 216th St. Normally, this post office accepts walk-ins for shipping services and other business, but the Coronavirus may have put certain limits in place. It is recommended to call the post office at (206) 824-3647 to learn more about these restrictions and to get your questions addressed before you go. Although the shop hours are somewhat constrained, you may anticipate the lobby to be accessible 24 hours a day for P.O. Box access.

Services offered ( des moine ) :

Services offered ( des moines )

Apart from online services, the regional Des Moines post office offers various delivery and passport services to the citizens and customer services to resolve issues faced by the locals regarding their mail or parcel deliveries and issues regarding tracking their packages. They also offer help in changing address, and with passport verifications. If you consider applying for a passport from postal services you may get it soon. The post office offers all the services related to passport queries.

Priority Mail ( des moines )

Bills, invoices, remittances, financial statements, business, and personal letters, and advertisements weighing 13 ounces or less are considered First-Class Mail. Bills or statements of account that contain personal information, are partially or entirely handwritten or typewritten, or are otherwise excluded from mailing requirements by the Postal Service must be sent by First-Class Mail. First-Class Mail is protected from postal inspection by a seal that cannot be broken without a permit. Undeliverable-as-addressed First-Class Mail (UAA) has the right to be sent back to the sender or forwarded without additional fees.

Standard Mail ( des moines )

Standard Mail ( des moines )

Bulk-entered Mail that weighs less than 16 ounces is known as Standard Mail. Except for items that must be delivered by First-Class Mail or duplicates of publications that are allowed to be sent at qualifying Periodicals pricing, any mailable item may be sent as Standard Mail. Advertising letters, circulars, catalogs, solicitations for donations, and lightweight packages are examples of standard mail items. Delayed processing is provided for Standard Mail.

The five products that make up Standard Mail are letters, flats, parcels, not flat-machines (NFMs), high density and saturation letters, high density and saturation flats, and carrier route letters, flats, and parcels. Each of these products has its price structure and preparation requirements. Each product has a standard and discounted nonprofit pricing that is only offered to approved groups under legal restrictions.

Periodicals ( des moines )

Magazines, newspapers, and other publications with the primary objective of disseminating information to a predetermined list of subscribers or requesters are considered periodicals. Publications must adhere to the legal requirements outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual. Periodicals mailed by eligible charitable organizations and those mailed in the county where they are published (mostly local newspapers) are subject to discounted rates.

Services for packages

Services for packages ( des moines )

Package Services can be used to transmit mailable products weighing up to 70 pounds that are not needed to be sent as First-Class Mail, prepared as Customized Market Mail, or entered as Periodicals (except bound printed matter, which has a maximum weight restriction of 15 pounds).

Package Services comprise five unique goods, each with its pricing range and preparatory needs: Bound Printed Matter Flats, Bound Printed Matter Parcels, Media/Library Mail, and Inbound Surface Parcel Post are all types of parcel post (international).

Any client may utilize a single-piece parcel post. The least expensive shipping option for packages weighing one pound or more is often Parcel Post. By law, bound printed matter, media, and library mail must adhere to content restrictions.

Special Services ( des moines )

The Postal Service provides several Special Services that can be added to mailing or shipping services at no additional cost or purchased separately for a price. Money orders, Post Office Boxes, Registered Mail, Insured Mail, Return Receipt, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Confirm Service, Forwarding and Return of Mail, Address Information, and Return Receipt are all Special Services that offer customers additional security, information about delivery, forwarding and return of Mail, and address information.

To make transactions more straightforward, fees for the majority of Special Services were rounded up and set at or near the price cap %. The Intelligent Mail Full-Service option’s design included a sizable amount of Address Correction Service.

The Postal Service allows customers to manage their ( des moines ) Post Office Box accounts online easily.

Allows customers to manage their des moines Postal Office Box accounts online easily.

Any client looking for an alternative to free carrier delivery or general delivery is given the option to use the Post Office Box service for a cost. The program, which has over 14 million users, brought in $911.9 million in revenue, a 1.7% rise. Fees vary depending on the size of the box and the institution. Online users may look for, choose, apply for, and purchase new Post Office Boxes. Existing clients can register online for one-time or recurring payments using their credit cards. Customers can renew their quarterly or annual Post Office Box payments (except for caller service boxes) at any Automated Postal Center kiosk.


You can easily track your packages with USPS postal services and can also easily apply for passports and other services. The USPS is a vast network that connects the entire country across towns and villages. The postal services are available online and locally, too for the citizens.


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