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Rogue Company Director Abuses Bounce Back Loan


Rogue company director from Essex banned for 7 years after inability to explain what she did with £45,000 government loan

Rogue company
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Rupinder Kaur Thaker (42) Rupinder Kaur Thaker, who is who is from Chadwell Heath, Essex, was appointed director of TKML Limited in April 2016 when the company was registered.

Five years after that, TKML Limited entered into creditors voluntary liquidation. The company’s bankruptcy was investigated initiated by the Insolvency Service.

In the beginning, investigators discovered a few issues with the explanations offered by Rupinder Thaker in response to questions about the business.

In the entry of TKML Limited on the company register outlined the nature of the business as take-away food stands and mobile food stores as well as Rupinder Thaker’s work as publicist. However, in the company’s statement to creditors, the business was described as offering catering services and decorations for wedding ceremonies.

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Further investigation revealed that, from May of 2019 until the date the company was declared insolvent at the end of June 2021 Rupinder Thaker failed to keep and/or preserve proper accounting records or to provide documents to liquidators. That meant that investigators could not verify a variety of substantial transactions.

More than PS250,000 deposited out through the company’s bank account is not clear, and there are still questions about the nature of the transaction TKML Limited did with a bounce-back loan of PS45,000 as well as whether or not the business was legally entitled to an amount of that magnitude and whether the claims of PS11,000 made in the statement of Rupinder Thaker as owed to her and her connected company was true.

On the 12th of July in 2022, The Secretary of State of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy approved a seven-year disqualification agreement from Rupinder Thaker, who did not contest the fact that she did not ensure the TKML Limited preserved and/or maintained adequate accounting recordsor, at the same time, did not provide sufficient accounting documents for the liquidator.

Beginning on August 2, from 2022. Rupinder Thaker has been banned directly or indirectly, being involved in the formation, promotion or the management process of any firm without the consent by the judge.

The TKML Limited Liquidator is examining the possibility of bounce back loans and the recovery of funds.

Lawrence Zussman, Deputy Head of Insolvent Investigations, said:

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Despite numerous requests for records and books, Rupinder Thaker failed to supply the liquidator with any information that could to establish the legitimacy of the company's financial operations. Particularly, the PS45,000 bounce-back loan that was designed to aid sustainable businesses during the pandemic. Rupinder Thaker has been exiled from the working environment for 7 years . Her lengthy exclusion from the business world serves as a strong warning that failure to keep business records and books is a serious crime.


Rupinder Kaur Thaker hails located in Chadwell Heath, Essex, and her birth date was January 20, 1980.

TKML Limited (Company Reg no.10126155).

Disqualification undertakings constitute the administrative equivalent to a disqualification order however they are not subject to legal proceedings. The people who are the subject of an order to disqualify are bound by an array of other restrictions. number of other restrictions.

Additional information on the work that is carried out by the Insolvency Service, and how to file a complaint about financial fraud are accessible.

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