“The exact beginning of the counseling profession is unknown, but its roots may be found in a range of helping relationships that have spanned cultures and societies throughout the ages.”



Two individuals meet, fall head over heels in love with each other, and decide to tie the knot. As they begin their new journey together, often some unavoidable circumstances and events will test their relationship. During their marriage, there will be harsh conversations, disagreements, and issues that they need to resolve to lead a happy life together.

When these negative situations arise, a married couple must not turn a blind eye to them because it may result in potential resentment. They should put their ego aside and look for the assistance that they truly need. Opting for the services of a relationship coach and counselor like Adam Elmasri, who can give advice, tools, and a unique perspective to work through the problems, is quite possibly an ideal option for a couple to save their marriage.

Relationship counseling is a great tool that helps couples in changing their negative behaviors and think positively. The way we behave is mostly because of our past experiences; therefore, we must learn how to conquer them and reshape our faulty beliefs, patterns, and expectations. Counseling assists in identifying the factors that trigger your and your partner’s behavior. Once a couple identifies what is stopping them from demonstrating and expressing true emotions, they can learn to change that pattern and move on.

When a couple is going through a rough patch, counseling, and therapy can help them work on their relationship and improve it. The relationship counselor can help their clients express their feelings, discuss issues with their partners, and resolve conflicts. Couples therapy addresses a wide range of relationship problems such as disconnection, repeating conflicts, issues related to intimacy, an affair, or issues arising from stressors like other family members, particularly in-laws.

A relationship coach like Elmasri assists couples in settling issues, rebuilding trust, improving communication, strengthening their relationship, and preventing future problems. His objective is to provide a supportive and safe space for couples to figure out their problems, foster new skills, and devise new strategies to work on their relationship.

By utilizing the counseling services of relationship coaches such as Elmasri, couples can improve their relationship by learning new skills and methods, which would result in increased intimacy and a stronger bond. By resolving issues quickly, couples can prevent them from escalating and harming the relationship, ultimately leading to a better and healthier relationship.

Elmasri gives a non-judgmental and supportive space to his clients belonging to all walks of life, enabling them to voice their opinions and express their concerns, feelings, and thoughts. Elmasri provides the necessary tools and valuable guidance to clients that can help them in devising effective communication strategies and improve their problem-solving and listening skills. As a coach and counselor, he assists clients in discovering the dynamics from past experiences that might be affecting their current behavioral patterns.

Elmasri is a skilled and experienced individual who has assisted individuals from varying backgrounds and all walks of life. So, by consulting him, his clients are often able to solve their different problems. Besides being a life coach, Elmasri is a content creator, author, religious critic, human rights activist, and advocate of women’s and LGBTQ+ rights in the Middle East. He acquired his undergraduate degree in Cairo and later earned his bachelor of arts degree in the field of Ancient Literature, Biblical Studies, and Textual Criticism.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Elmasri started his YouTube channel to provide interesting and insightful content on human rights, critical thinking, and religious study. Because of his amazing content, his channel gained popularity very quickly and now has over 108K subscribers and more than 13 million global viewers. After the success of his other YouTube channels, Elmasri launched his third channel in English, named Adam Elmasri English Channel, in 2022.

Elmasri is also the founder of Faith Crisis Australia, which is an organization that helps ex-Christians of all denominations who have abandoned their faith but are still dealing with their new identity. He has also completed a course for suicide prevention with the Salvation Army, earning the title of Gate Keeper.

As an author, he has written the book How Did Christianity Begin… REALLY? which was published in 2022 in Arabic. Just a few days after its launch, his book ranked #18 out of 100 in the “History in Arabic” category on the Amazon Kindle platform. Presently, he is working on his second book in English titled The Art of Disbelief: Building Bridges in Faith-Based Discussions.

Elmasri, who became a certified life coach specializing in identity and faith crises in 2021, has been providing coaching and counseling services in different areas of life, including identity coaching, relationship counseling, and parenting through his online sessions. Couples who have issues with one another can benefit enormously from Elmasri’s relationship coaching and counseling sessions. He can teach couples how to express their sentiments harmlessly and healthily respond to one another through active listening. Couples who follow his guidance can improve their communication and resolve conflicts more efficiently.

Elmasri guides and empowers his clients in their journey to maintaining and building a fulfilling and healthy relationship. His focus is on understanding the challenges, special needs, and aspirations of his clients and providing them with the strategies, methods, and tools to bring positive change. Through his therapy sessions, he explores emotional dynamics, communication patterns, and areas for growth among his clients. Through tailored guidance, thoughtful questioning, and active listening, Elmasri assists his clients in improving their communication skills and in navigating conflicts with understanding and compassion. Through his services, clients can cultivate self-awareness, gain insights into their relationship patterns, and develop effective methods for building harmonious behavior. Elmasri has not only helped his clients in creating the thriving and fulfilling relationships they deserve but has also cemented his place as an effective counselor and coach.


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