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Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas


Before I get started the book, I must warn you that it is a bit tense so be aware of that prior to you take it home. In the end, I was in the love by the book Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas! It’s a penpal New Adult romance set during Misha and Ryen’s senior years of high school. I gave 5/5 stars!


Misha as well as Ryen have been pen pals since fifth grade, because the teachers of both did not recognize the children’s gender due to their names. Misha sounds like an asian girl’s name, and Ryen sounds like the name of a boy. It wasn’t long before the two to discover the mistakes of their teachers. In the following 7 years Misha as well as Ryen started a wonderful friendship. They would discuss the best pizza take-out place, Android vs. iPhone and whether Eminem truly is the most influential artist of all time. There were only three rules that were not social media-related or phone numbers and no photos.

Atmosphere punk 57

The atmosphere was great until Misha caused a mess. He came across the girl online after having seen her at a gathering. He hears she was Ryen. Ryen Ryen was a fan of Gallo’s pizza, and was a fan of her smartphone. He must get to know her. He does not anticipate to dislike the Ryen who he encounters. There’s Ryen. Ryen is shocked to discover that she hasn’t heard from Misha in more than three months. Ryen is convinced that something’s wrong because with Misha any thing could be possible. Without Misha, Ryen is losing her mental clarity. Ryen needs to be sure that someone is listening, and saying it will all be fine. Right now, Ryen is worried that Misha her lifeline has disappeared.

Earlier punk 57

First of all, the pace of this story was amazing. It unfolded throughout Ryen as well as Misha’s high school year . It begins with a night at which Misha gets to know Ryen. Then , it flashes back to 3 months after, following Misha has put aside communicating with Ryen. Then we move on to the remainder in the year, leading to prom. The book never felt like it was rushed, as is typical when a book is published during the school year. It was all well tied at the conclusion.

Penelope Douglas really challenged stereotypes in this novel. Ryen has the role of cheerleader who has an apparently perfect life, however, her life is anything except perfect. She’s part of the popular group but she’s got an open heart. Although she may sometimes not do the nice thing, she regrets it about it at the end. The Ryen who sends letters to Misha is the person she is trying to be. That’s the reason Misha is shocked by the Ryen that she encounters at the party.Misha’s story is not perfect and he’s certainly not the damaged, messed-up person everyone believes to be. Misha is this gorgeous tattooed emo teen in a group that wears a tough-guy attitude. It’s hard to imagine that he’s a pleasant person on first sight But he’s actually an adorable person when you get to know his character.

The overall message of the book is to never evaluate a book based on its cover. Also you shouldn’t judge someone on the basis of their appearance because you don’t know what’s happening at home.

The relationship among Ryen as well as Misha was just amazing! Because Ryen and Misha read the book together and readers can really can feel they are thinking about. Dual p.o.v. narration in novels, especially those that fall within books in the Romance genre, can make the reading experience 10 times better since it is always a two-sided story. any story.

It was also awesome it was cool that Penelope Douglas included a playlist in the first chapter in the novel. The way you read the book, the majority of the songs in that playlist were featured in the text. For instance, “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Deadman is the first song to be featured on the playlist. It is also featured in a scene at a party. This song is significant to me as I was a fan of the track when I was a kid. My father introduced me to various songs that weren’t appropriate to an 8-year old. I’m sure she has music at the beginning of each book, so I’m eager to find out whether this is the case.

Before I start to the next point, this is an New Adult book so there are some sexually explicit scenes. I would not recommend this if sexy scenes aren’t your thing. Additionally, there are instances of questionable consent. In reading the scenes, they appeared to be acceptable to me, however I was of the opinion that this info must be recognized.

Penelope Douglas punk 57

Next Penelope Douglas book I plan to go through I’m currently reading Bully it’s the first novel of the Fall Awayseries. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the book, however because it was published in a traditional way in the traditional way, the level of angst won’t be as intense like The Punks 57. I’m also looking forward to reading the Pen’s Devil’s Nightseries, which is why I hope to find the first book in the near future! Punk 57 is set within the same universe as The Devil’s Night series. Based on what I’ve heard Ryen and Misha appear in one or two books.

I finished the book in just under 24 hours due to being completely captivated by the plot. It’s a perfect reading at the beach or by the pool! Should you know of any New Adult Romance recommendations or have you read any of Pen’s previous books contact me via these comments.


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