Fashion Aesthetics: Why is it fun to play the dress-up?”

Fashion Aesthetics: The original indie fashion of the past was often unassuming and simple, with pieces being found at secondhand stores or made by hand.


While not as raw as grunge or emo clothing, these designs still had a certain flair that appeals to individuals who want something different from mainstream society’s trends.

This search for something more is why indie-style clothing has been growing so much in recent years.

These days there are so many options that you will probably be able find a niche aesthetic that resonates with you, and if not, you can combine elements of a few moods to make a personalised one.

But there’s a new and exciting way to wear aesthetic clothes: The stylization.

It seems the fashion communities have been abandoning the search for direct self expression and instead embraced the dress up.

And to be quite honest, it does get exciting.

One fashionista said that dressing up in their aesthetic of choice, the dark academia, makes them feel like an actor in a mystery thriller that uncovers a dark secret on campus. This is a pretty exciting idea.

The dark academia aesthetic aims to encapsulate that darker side of preppy fashion, so that checks out. The fans of that aesthetic are trying to recreate the mood of the scary walks on a remote campus late at night when it’s hard not to feel like there is someone watching your every move. The pressures of achieving success can become overwhelming in their own way too, especially if they take away from the time with friends and family.

Fashion Aesthetics


Darker colours were always common among old school indies due their alternative tendency towards individuality. Back in the day, all-dark clothing was a personal preference most would say made them stand apart from mainstream culture.

Now that aesthetic fashion reaches more variety and also as all-black outfits became mainstream and boring, the darker palettes are vanishing from alternative fashion.

One of the most popular alt trends of the past few years has been cottagecore, which is an aesthetic where you stylize as the landed gentry of 19th century England.

If you want to see what fashion aesthetics are about, scroll through the gallery below. 

Fashion Aesthetics
Fashion Aesthetics
Fashion Aesthetics

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