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Install Fitness Apps on Your iPhone to Stay Healthy


A healthy lifestyle and fitness can lead to longevity, higher health, and a lower risk of various health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc. It is always a good idea to join a gym to remain active and healthy. However, sometimes, due to busy schedules and work commitments, it becomes difficult for some people to hit the gym. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fitness apps that you can download on your iPhone and stay healthy and physically active without even leaving your house. If you want to shed some weight, tone up what you already have, or boost your fitness level, these great apps can help. Make sure your internet connection is quick and strong before you begin downloading and using any of these apps. For reliable internet, you can contact Xtream Internet phone number and get high-speed internet plans.


Listed down are the top fitness apps for the iPhone that you must download. Dive in.


Nike remains an extremely popular fitness application. There are instructor-led workouts that are enjoyable and inspiring. The app has whiteboard exercises that display the entire workout, so you can follow the workout at your own pace. It is also possible to join the workout with Apple Music.

You can select the option of filtering workouts by muscle group core and abs, shoulder, arms and shoulders or legs, and glutes, training focus on strength, endurance, mobility as well as yoga, and by equipment. You can also filter the workouts by duration, intensity, or level intensity.

In March of 2020, Nike introduced their Nike Training Club app content, which is available for 90-days at no cost to allow people to keep their fitness up while staying in their homes during the COVID-19 epidemic. Since then, it has been free to all users, and unlike the other listed apps, it does not have a paid version available.

Fit Bod

Fitbod is focused primarily on body sculpting or weightlifting strengthening programs. The emphasis here is on making custom workouts targeting your chosen muscles according to user-generated data. Start with selecting your preferred type of activity, goals, as well as the number of times you exercise each week. Then, you will be provided with an exercise plan that is adapted to your fitness level. In this program, you will receive descriptions and videos of the workouts. You will also be able to specify the kind of gym equipment you have at your disposal, and the app will give video instructions accordingly.


Currently, Peloton has been in demand. If you cannot pay for the Peloton treadmill or exercise bike, then download the Peloton exercise app as an alternative. 

There are thousands of engaging classes you can take that will help you strengthen, sculpt and achieve your ideal figure. The instructors distinguish themselves from the rest by their enthusiasm and by offering various classes such as yoga, strength, and HIIT cardio. Various kinds of workouts allow you to locate an array of videos categorized by kinds, such as the strength of runners and resistance band workouts, and Pilates classes. Moreover, there is an option available to take part in live classes and train with your colleagues.


Pear claims to be a personal fitness trainer rather than an app, and it is accurate. The app gives you the feeling as if a live human being, not an algorithm, is guiding you. Olympians and other top athletes design the workouts on the app, and their voices are real and not computer-generated. Moreover, it also integrates routines from brands such as TRX, Wahoo, and Timex for a small fee. 

PEAR lets users connect it to their music apps and radio streaming, which means you can create a playlist that you can layer over your coach’s motivational voice. This is why it is one of the top fitness apps available for iOS.


The app combines on-demand workouts as well as meal planning, just like a personal trainer. It is ideal for those who require lots of instruction and guidance. According to your goals, when you start the app, it can make customized meal and exercise plans. 

You need to record your food intake and make a menu plan using the recipes so the app can track your performance. The free version provides access to some exercises, and you can monitor your weight and exercise. The Pro version allows you to customize grocery lists, meals, calorie tracking, and additional exercises. It is a complete fitness program that you can modify to suit your needs.


Working out on your own can be a breeze based on the recommended fitness apps mentioned above. You can decide if you want a complete fitness program like 8fit or if you want a free app to stay healthy and active. After all, the choice is yours!


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