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Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Pressure Washer Trailer


Efficiency is of utmost importance when it comes to pressure washing professionally, according to research, the market for pressure washer trailers has seen steady expansion since 2020 and is projected to keep expanding between 2027. This highlights their significance.


Similar to this example, investing in a sturdy pressure washer trailer and essential equipment is vital if your investment is to yield results. Take this blog as your pressure washer trailer purchasing guide; continue reading to gain more knowledge of this type of trailers.

What Are the Characteristics of Effective Pressure Washer Trailers? Pressure washer trailers vary significantly. To get optimal results quickly and efficiently, choose a unit equipped with a hot water burner first. Hot water speeds up the process of breaking down organic matter and grime, giving you better results more quickly compared to power washing alone (using heat does make all the difference!). Pure pressure washing does not employ heat.

A Reel Is Another Integral Component, Used To Wrap And Unwrap A Washer Hose Prior To Use

Hand-cranked pressure washer reels are by far the most popular. Although electrically and spring-driven types are also available, hand-cranked reels remain the go-to choice. Although manual winding reels are popular choices, automatic winding may prove more convenient if your hose length exceeds 6 meters.

Consider carefully the features of your trailer as well. Your pressure washing supplies and tool storage should be stored safely within its walls to allow for safe parking at your workplace and ensure your goods don’t disappear in an unexpected incident.

Consider what kind of driving you will be doing as well; for highway travel, full-size wheels are essential; safety features such as LED lighting and breakaway brakes should also be part of the plan.

Some pressure washers come without trailers attached; however, most do come on specially made trailers made of 10-gauge steel. If you already own one of these trailers, however, purchasing a unit to mount yourself could save some money and time.

Jetwave Power Wash Trailers Offer Customized Service And Experience

Since 2001, Jetwave have specialized in building power wash trailers at factory direct prices. Their commitment is unwavering in making only high quality trailer mounted power wash systems available for sale to their clients.

Due to our equipment’s exceptional performance, serviceability, and reliability, there are currently over 2500 units deployed around the globe and we thank all their clients. They take great pride in offering personalized attention for each of their clients’ trailer wash system needs!

Jetwave pressure wash trailers boast the industry’s best warranty. After spending decades searching for and procuring only top quality pumps, their pump system features an industrial strength V-Belt for maximum reliability and extended service life.

Seek assurance from any firm offering power wash trailer systems before making your purchase decision, and compare their guarantee with our 10-7-3 Limited guarantee – nothing comes close to their 10 year pump, 7 year coil and 3 year engine warranties!

Considerations of Road Conditions

One factor when selecting a trailer is what type of roads it will travel on when servicing customers. If your route will cover rough terrain like oil fields, an enclosed trailer might not be an ideal solution.

However, certain weaknesses exist within your framework which will flex when traversing uneven roads, leading to potential failure on rougher surfaces.

Modern pressure wash trailers are fairly priced. Numerous pressure washer manufacturers provide excellent trailers. Furthermore, your pressure washer trailer should arrive promptly and in great condition so you can use that time to launch your business.

Purchase A Brand-New Trailer

A professionally built trailer should only ever be constructed by professionals with expert knowledge – not by any individual attempting to wing their way through. A warranty should cover any potential problems.

One drawback of purchasing a new trailer is having to pay tax. No matter its condition or model year, new and sparkly items require extra payments in taxes.

Modern pressure wash trailers are reasonably priced. Many pressure washer manufacturers provide excellent trailers that arrive promptly and in great condition – giving you time to focus on starting up your business!

A professional will assemble your brand-new trailer. Not just any amateur will do; rather, someone with extensive knowledge in trailer construction and warranty coverage will build it for you.

One drawback of purchasing a brand-new trailer is paying additional taxes on it. No matter its brand or condition, newer and fancier trailers require you to pay more in taxes than older or lesser models do.

New pressure washing trailer setups tend to cost more than their used counterparts as their value declines when you drive off the lot, yet for many individuals the advantages outweigh their expenses.



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