Home News Ian Alexander Sr.: How rich is Regina King’s ex husband?

Ian Alexander Sr.: How rich is Regina King’s ex husband?

Ian Alexander Sr: How rich is Regina King’s ex husband?

What are you? Ian Alexander Sr.?

Ian Alexander Sr. rose to notoriety when he was married to his famous wife Regina King. The actor was born the 8th of April 1956. He was born in Kamloops, British Colombia Canada However, after a year of his early years there, he eventually relocated into the US to pursue acting. His ethnicity is mixed race and is a holder of Canadian citizenship.


Early life and career

In regards to his early life and work There is a major insufficient amount of information regarding his family history and education qualifications.

He entered the show business when he appeared on the television show “Master Horror”, which was on air from 2005 to 2007. He went on to be a part of other shows on television such as “The Chris Isaak Show” and “Animal Miracles”. Ian was also in the first Disney Chanel movie, “The Ultimate Christmas Present” in 2000. But, his career has not been restricted to acting only, and was previously distributor for various businesses which included Qwest Records. Another notable job is working for Warner Bros, the famous entertainment firm that operates in the film, television and video game industries.

While working at Warner Bros, he worked until he reached the post of vice-president, which is certainly admirable.

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What is his net worth?

Through his acting career ian alexander sr Net Worth has amassed a the estimated sum of $3 million. This is primarily due to his work, with certain of these could be due in part to his ex-wife, which is a result of the divorce settlement they reached, as Regina’s net worth is approximately $12 million.

His wedding to Regina King?

Ian Alexander Sr
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Based on reports Ian Alexander and Regina first met in the 90s and became good friends prior to beginning an affair.

The lovebirds were tied the knot on April 23rd, 1977, in a private ceremony in Jamaica after welcoming their first child and sole son named after his father, Ian Alexander Jr., on January 19, 1996. In the course of their marriage, they were extremely in support of each other’s work and regularly attended ceremonies and events together. When interviewed, Regina declared that husband was extremely supportive of her during the time her father was fighting Parkinson’s disease.

His divorce from Regina

There’s a saying “not everything is what it seems and this is reflected on their relation.

For a long time their marriage seemed to have the appearance of being successful and good Many were stunned and shocked when Regina sought divorce. After 10 years together, the couple ended their marriage on the 7th of July 2007. There were many theories about the reason there was a possibility that the couple had a breakdown and could not work any longer, and that they were fighting and inclined to heated argument that, in her own words, wasn’t an ideal setting to have a child.

From a broken family The award-winning actress was aware of the consequences and negatives of witnessing endless arguments and fights and therefore decided to divorce the relationship.

This is the show I’m watching “Watchmen” with David and I’m just trying to let you know this: Regina King has always worked, was a walker in the streets, and was a person of the moment…


In the end, Ian Alexander was accused of having an extra-marital relationship. According to the reports, Regina firstly accused Ian of being reckless, as well as suffering from a substance abuse problem and assaulting her physically. Although their marriage was tense, considering that they have a son with each other, they were able to resolve their differences in order to benefit him. When she was interviewed she mentioned her saying to Ian Sr.: ‘You know that? This isn’t what you want for Ian. Let’s leave this to rest because it has nothing to have anything to do with the love we have for Ian.’

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The aftermath

Following the whole incident, Ian Sr. went under the radar as Regina concentrated on her remarkable job and her motherhood. Ian hasn’t been linked with any woman since the divorce – it’s not known anything about his romantic life after the divorce. On the other hand Regina started dating an old acquaintance and actor Malcolm Jamal Warner in the year 2011 However, the relationship did not last long, and the couple split in 2013. Since the time, Regina has been linked to Nicholas Gonzalez and Quentin Richardson However, neither of these relationships have been confirmed.Regina King and Ian Alexander Sr.

Their son is a college graduate and actor

The two Regina as well as Ian Alexander have plenty of reasons to be proud of their son. He’s not just graduated from college and a professional, but he’s also opted to follow the steps of his father and mother, and even dabble in acting, too. Ian Jr. has been extremely supportive of his mother throughout his life and has been present at award ceremonies with Regina. In an interview during the Golden Globe Awards, speaking to Ryan Seacrest, he acknowledged the mother of his and stated that she was an amazing mom. She’s not letting bad work days get in the way of the time they spend together. It’s wonderful to have a mom I am able to spend moments with.’

In brief, let’s talk about Regina King

Regina King is an actress and producer who made her debut in the spotlight in her early years, and has won numerous awards. Born on 14 January, 1971 California, USA, and the talented actress made her debut on”227,” an NBC sitcom “227 in 1985,” in the role of Brenda Jenkins. Since then, she has appeared in a myriad of films and TV series including “Friday”, “Toby Maguire and Southland” and “Boyz n’ the Hood” as well as “Boyz n’ the Hood. In 2015, she was a part as a character in”American Crime”, an ABC Anthology Series “American Crime,” in which she later won two Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2018, she appeared on the Netflix mini-series “Seven Seconds”, and took home an additional Emmy Award.

The winning of awards is in Regina’s blood . Her greatest achievements in her filmography include the Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award both for Best Supporting Actress in her role as a mother who is struggling for the feature film “If Beale Street Could Talk”. And the four Prime Time Emmy Awards – two in the category of Outstanding supporting Actress in the TV show “American Crime” in 2015 and ’16. The other was for Outstanding Lead Actress in the TV series “Seven Seconds” in 2017 and the 2019 TV show “Watchmen” featuring superheroes “Watchmen”.

Apart from acting, she’s not only an actress, but she has also worked as a producer on around dozen television shows, including “Scandal” in 2015-’16, as well as a few music videos.

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Are you sure Ian Alexander active on social media?

It appears Ian is a person who Ian prefers privacy and is averse to being part from the limelight. Ian doesn’t have a profile on Facebook or Instagram like his ex-wife Regina who has more than the same number of followers Instagram.