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Tamhini Ghat : Best Time to Plan July – Sept 2022


Gorgeous Ghat covered in fog and clouds

If you’re a hiker and you are acquainted with Tamhini Ghat while visiting places such as Devkund waterfall, Andharban Jungle trek as well as Raigad, Kolad, and Konkan regions. It is likely that you have traveled by this region Tamhini Ghat number of times with clouds and fog that hang low with lush green spread and cascades. It is a path that is often traveled, but is not explored. It is located about 40 kilometers far from Pune, Tamhini Ghat is an undiscovered mountain pass that lies within the western Ghats’ midst amid Mulshi as well as Tamhini located in Maharashtra. The Ghat cuts across the Sahyadri ranges, joining Pune as well as Tamhini to join the Kokan region.


The Ghat is known for its expansive, all-encompassing views and is most well-known for the scenic and pleasant long drives that it affords. Additionally, the area boasts with stunning waterfalls that cascade down gorgeous lakes, stunning waterfalls and lush green forests. The Ghat is a stunning escape that is incredibly captivating in the monsoons, when it is surrounded by lush greenery and appears impressively beautiful. Tamhini Ghat is a gorgeous mountain stream that is has been gaining attention from the Punekars as well as the Mumbaikars. Get your wheels set to take your group towards Tamhini Ghat for a weekend getaway.

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The Right Time to Visit The Tamhini Ghat

Location: Sahyadri, Western Ghats, Maharashtra.

Start Place: The Ghat section starts with Mulshi Lake and concludes at the Orchard Cafe, Sanaswadi, comprising 44 kms.

Best times to go Tamhini Ghat: Even although the Ghat remains beautiful and green all year round and can be visited at any time but the most recommended time to go is the time of the monsoons that occur between July through September. The entire Ghat is glistening with green hues The lakes and cascades shimmer with sparkling water and the entire area is like a dream.

How To reach Tamhini Ghat Pune

Tamhini Ghat

Roads are well connected Tamhini Ghat. State buses travel through Tamhini Ghat connecting Pune city with locations on the Goa highway (NH17). The most preferred method for getting to and exploring Tamhini Ghat is via a route in a private car, or in other words the term, a road trip.

How to get to Tamhini Ghat from Mumbai: 

Follow the Rasayani – Imagica Theme Park – Pali Vile Route. This will lead you to the Mulshi Lake as well as Tamhini Ghat. Tamhini Ghat road. Tamhini Ghat can also be accessible via Mumbai by taking the Mumbai-Goa route.

After reaching Kolad and then after traversing the bridge that crosses Kundalika River, Highway is left to take the turn that takes you towards Pune through Mulshi Dam backwaters. Mulshi Dam backwaters.

How to get to Tamhini Ghat from Pune: 

Follow the route to the right of through the Pirangut village. Then then take the road that leads to Mulshi Lake. After 20 kilometers you will come across Mulshi Lake. Mulshi Lake.

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About the Ghats

Tamhini Ghat Tamhini Ghat cuts through the Sahyadri Mountain ranges to join Mulshi to Tamhini and connects Konkan’s route beginning in Pune. The ghat is approximately 15 kilometers. The road is in good condition and was recently constructed. The entire stretch becomes an iconic spot during monsoons. In the winter months the place transforms to a lush green area with numerous streams and cascades. Tamhini Ghat is the stretch between Kolad as well as Mulshi dams that backs up the water of. It is home to a variety of smooth green rugs streaming streams, dull dark mists that stoop low, and periodically cascades. These cascades offhand draw visitors from across. You can spend the entire day trekking through the thick forest looking for the place of origin of the cascade.

In the midst of nearby mountains and covered in dark and foreboding clouds The Mulshi Lake’s views are stunning. From there you can see the Tamhini Ghat road starts, initially following the Mulshi Lake and afterward encompassed by huge mountains, lush forest, and lush green valleys, with numerous cascades that run up and down. This road appears to be in great state, with only two areas of potholes. However, the views around could be more than enough to make up for these sections.

The Perfect Road Trip

As you travel further and the views become more and more impressive, with awe-inspiring mountains surrounded by dense mists and lush greenery all around , with an ideal amount of fog, making the view look beautiful without darkening things.

At to the Tamhini Ghat, the road that leads to an entry point for Mulshi Dam backwaters goes to the cascade located at Palse. The particular cascade is now is becoming well-known. The next one is Kolad which is incredibly famous for river rafting is possible along the Kundalika. River

Be sure to bring your hiking shoes in case you’re planning on getting soaked in the cascades to take typical showers, as you’ll need to climb an inch or two to reach that. Dress up, grab hold of the negotiating haggle and head towards Kundalika Valley. This is the starting point of the Andharban Trail, a trek through the dull, dense backwoods. You can ride as far as you want as you can to the ‘Independence point.’

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Best Nearby Places To Visit

Tamhini Ghat

Tamhini Waterfalls:
The most popular attraction is the stunning Tamhini Waterfalls. Also known as the Valse the waterfalls cascade to a massive height and form a base pool. Apart from touring, travelling and camping, visitors are also fond of splashing in the water or taking a dip.

Mulshi Dam
Mulshi Dam Backwaters may be only the most ideal spot near Tamhini Ghat but, on contrary, it’s well-known for its thrilling river rafting. Additionally, the place is a popular outing spot and is a great spot to explore.

Mulshi Lake:
Mulshi Lake is the gorgeous lake of water that is located beneath the Mulshi Dam. It is a tranquil place to sit with a food crate to enjoy the beautiful bounty of natural beauty. It is also possible to go boating in this area.

Andharban Trail Point:
Andharban is one of the numerous vantage that are located in the area. There is a reputable trail that runs through the area that is populated by hikers. It is a well-known climb that provides clear landscapes. It also leads you through a variety of stunning flowing streams and cascades that flow in the midst of the lush vegetation and flora.

Nearby forts to see and hikes

Are you looking for a new adventure after a long drive. If so you could visit Sudhagad Fort, Sarasgad Fort, Ghangad Fort, Tailbaila and Kailasgad forts for hiking and climbing on rocks. These stunning forts are well-known trekking spots in Maharashtra.

Most popular Nearby Tamhini Ghat places to visit

It is also possible to visit the top spots close to Tamhini Ghats, such as Lonavala which is located 30 km away from Tamhini ghat, Lavasa, which is situated 9 km away from Tamhini ghat, Kamshet, located 33 kilometers away from Tamhini ghat, Khandala, which is located 32 kilometers away from Tamhini ghat and Pune which is situated 42 km from Tamhini ghat

The highlights of the road journey

  • The weather and people, as well as food and drink as well as the views of the Ghats is stunning.
  • Nature lovers will be thrilled to see green meadows that surround Plus Valley. Plus Valley.
  • The area has plenty to offer adventure enthusiasts as well as tourists. In addition, there is a valley to rappelle waterfalls, Kolad for White River Rafting as well as andharban for a thrilling hike. In the vast array of beautiful spots Tamhini is certainly one that should not be missed.
  • A day trip, known for its beautiful surroundings, lakes and waterfalls It is a wonderful location to go during the weekend.
  • The entire stretch of Mulshi up to Tamhini is a feast for the eyes and draws a lot of tourists who come from Pune and Mumbai especially during monsoons.
  • It is known because of its beauty, with hills that rise to the sky, lush valleys waterfalls, and lakes. Ghats appear like an unbeatable wall on one end along the roadside.The whole Tamhini Ghat route that connects village Mulshi and Tamhini is a stunning sight to take in.
  • Make sure to stop at any of the numerous waterfalls flowing out of The Western Ghats mountain ranges along the road and you’ll be having a great time.

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