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How to Achieve a Driver C.P.C. Certificate?


If you want to learn bus, coach, or even lorry driving, you need to have a driver’s license and a driver’s C.P.C. certification. Earlier drivers did not need this special C.P.C. training. But the U.K. and continental Europe have changed recently, meaning C.P.C. training is now mandatory for drivers. It helps increase your knowledge, improve your safety and enable you to work. These drives are trained once every 5 years. So If you are looking to sharpen your driving abilities and skills in general, one great way to do this is by participating in driver C.P.C. training.


In addition to meeting the legal requirements for a professional driver, there are several other benefits of obtaining a driver’s C.P.C. certificate, which we will see in the post below.

  1. Makes you a secure driver:

Obtaining driver C.P.C. certification is a remarkable idea if you’re worried about your safety while travelling on the road. You don’t have to be one of these statistics, which will become part of the rising causality figure every year in your country as more and more people are driving 20 inch wheels, which continues to increase amidst an increasing population. By becoming certified for your safety and that of others you may be sharing the road with, you’ll not only be protecting some of society’s most vulnerable members but also helping other employers and business owners who could otherwise lose money due to possible accidents themselves. If you’re looking to improve your ability in general as a driver, participating in training is a great way to do so since it will enable you to practice your newfound techniques before hitting the roads again using what you’ve learned in a safe environment!

  1. Environmentally Useful:

There is another benefit of C.P.C. training. Suppose your drivers have the best qualifications, training, and C.P.C. certification. Thanks to this, what can reduce the country’s fuel consumption by 9.5%. And it has proven to reduce the country’s carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Therefore, driver’s C.P.C. training is very beneficial for the environment. Drivers are adequately trained to understand how the car they drive works and how to drive it more efficiently. And they can avoid getting into an accident on the road.

  1. Educate your Drivers About Vigilant and Health

Have you ever driven long distances at night? If so, you know how important it is to be vigilant while going. Being vigilant is one of the most important things drivers should consider. But when you are in charge of a large vehicle, it is even more critical to take the course. Because C.P.C. driver courses teach you about fatigue, stress, and related effects and symptoms, they also tell you about general health, lifestyle, and eating habits to ensure that you need to be alert and healthy while driving on the road.

  1. Employment Opportunities

If you are a driver and drive a bus, coach, or lorry, you need to take C.P.C. training to get a job in the transport sector quickly. Because there is a great demand for qualified, trained and qualified drivers in the transport field, this is something you should consider seriously.

  1. Economically proficient:

A truck driver is accountable for many rules and requirements that set them apart from other road users. It is advantageous to organizations, employees, and the environment, in general, to have drivers with C.P.C. certification. When drivers do not use as much fuel, less cash is spent by the business and its employees. It will inform you of all your legal obligations on the road and help you learn safe driving tactics that can save lives and prevent accidents, and C.P.C. training also instructs you on how to strengthen the use of load transportation.

What are Driver C.P.C. Modular Courses?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver C.P.C.) is a qualification for professional bus, coach, and lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe to improve road safety and maintain high driving standards. You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving professionally without Driver C.P.C.

A.I.M. Commercial Services Ltd has been approved as a Driver C.P.C. Centre. It’s recognized under E.U. Directive 2008/96 and will provide you with the required Driver C.P.C. training to carry out your occupation effectively, efficiently, and safely by their law.

It is an ongoing qualification, which should renew every 5 years, and it’s important to note that drivers should attend a session lasting 7 hours every year so employers can update their license levels. It’s up to the employers to verify that they are legally allowed to work in the industry, so if something comes up about a driver that leads you to question it, you need only ask for proof!

Each module below lasts for 3.5 hours, but two modules alone are required to form the 7-Hour Version of the course.

  • A – E.U. Driver Hours and Road Transport Working Time Directive Regulations
  • B – Correct Use of Tachographs, Improper Use, and Fixed Penalties
  • C – Safety Awareness Update
  • D –  Driver Legislation Update
  • E –  Vulnerable Road Users & Driver Tiredness
  • F – Protecting and Understanding your Vocational License
  • G – Highway Code and Accident Awareness
  • H – Driver Vulnerabilities and Vehicle Security

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 

Suitable for drivers and none drivers such as Workshop, Warehouse, and Office staff. The course covers initial responses and follow-up action to an emergency, C.P.R., wounds and bleeding, Epilepsy, minor injuries, and major illnesses.


In this article, we have listed down some reasons why you, as a driver, should consider taking a Driver C.P.C. course. Not only does it provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the laws of the road and thus make you a more valuable candidate in the driver market, but it also gives you the chance to develop new skills which other candidates may not have, such as handling emergencies that might otherwise unknowingly get out of hand. However, if courses can help change careers or build your confidence as an employee, then there’s no reason not to push forward with them!


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