Corona Effects In Children (COVID-19): Parenting Tips

Corona Effects In Children: People’s lives have changed a lot during the Corona pandemic. Elders and children are all imprisoned in their homes for fear. Children’s schools are closed. Children are unable to meet their friends. Due to being imprisoned in the house for a long time, many changes are taking place in the nature of children. Children are not able to live their childhood. It is the nature of children to roam, to have fun, to be cool and not to worry about anything, but in Corona, now the children are getting scared and afraid. Staying at home for a long time is deteriorating the physical and mental health of children. Some kids are getting more irritable. If your child has also become irritable, then try to keep him happy.

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Keep children happy like this

Make children’s favorite food– Children are very fond of food and drink. One of their reasons behind going out or going for a walk is that they will get their favorite food. But now the children stay at home, so you prepare their favorite food for them at home. Also prepare the food that the children used to eat after going out. This will make the children happy.

Play games with kids– We all have played many types of indoor games like carrom, ludo, gitte r cards in our childhood. At this time children have holidays, so you should take some time out and play with them. If children cannot go out due to corona, then you should spend time with children with these indoor games. With this, children will be happy and will also stay away from TV and phone.

Set goals– One way to overcome boredom of children is to give them many goals every day. Give them small tasks and get them things of their choice when they are completed. This way the child will be busy and he will not feel lonely and boredom.

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Tell stories– Children want to know everything. Sometimes they get bored with the world of mobile and TV. I get bored even after reading my books. In such a situation, you should tell the stories of your grandmothers. Earlier, the children used to listen very carefully to the stories that grandmothers used to tell. Due to this, the physical and mental development of 4 children also takes place. Moral lessons are also learned from such stories.

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Do positive things– Do not talk negative in front of children in this time of corona. Do not even show such news, it has a deep impact on the mind of the children. Explain to them that this time will pass soon, then everything will be fine. Do only positive news of Corona in front of children. Keep an atmosphere of love and happiness in the house.

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