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With the knocking of summer at our doors, all ice-cream sellers are active in serving their customers. However, to enjoy ice cream cones, you don’t need to wait for a particular season; you can buy them on any occasion. But in summers, the hunger for chill ice cream cones increases and forces people to enjoy their seasons with colorful mouthwatering cones. Therefore, every brand runs in the race to serve its customers enticingly and perfectly. Due to this, ice cream sellers search for ways to get the best-quality ice cream cone sleeves. So, if you are finding the right cone sleeves, this article explains the tips for you. 


Importance of Ice Cream Cone Sleeves 

Ice cream cone sleeves are made with quality material that wraps your waffle cones for customers’ use. Moreover, it increases the aesthetic of your cone sleeves and makes them adorable for your target audiences. Add to this; you can print content on your cone sleeves to make them bewitching and comeliness. Add to this; the use of add-on gives opulent loo to make your product worthy for your target audiences. Let’s see the major tips for choosing the right ice cream cone sleeves to serve your customers 

Go for Quality Paper Stock for Ice Cream Cone Sleeves 

The first option is a quality paper stock for your custom ice cream cone wrappers. If you choose low-quality paper that easily melts due to moisture and tear, it decreases the quality of your products. On the other hand, you need to contact a packaging supplier who uses heavy-duty paper material for ice cream cone sleeves. So, use high-grade paper with polythene taglines that work against moisture to hold your ice cream scoops. Add to this; you need can choose the thickness cage of material as per your choice. Cardboard Kraft, bux board, and aluminum films packaging are best to serve your waffle cones. 

Print Sublime and Eye-Popping Visuals on Cone Sleeves

Another thing that you must consider when choosing your ice cream cones covers, they must be spellbinding and attractive. When ice cream parlors use catchy cone sleeves, they captivate their target audiences, particularly kids. Due to this, you can print any kind of design and illustration that you want to see on your cone sleeves. In addition to this, you can use polka dots, intricate lines, symmetrical design, juicy red textures, and many other options of cones sleeves to make them perfect. Also, you can use catchy colors for cone sleeves with CMYK and PMS Color models as per your desire. 

Focus on The Size of Ice Cream Cone Sleeves 

Always choose your waffle cones’ customized and accurate size according to the need. So, you can choose any size from mini, small, medium, and large ice cream cone wrappers. Here is the list of sizes that you can use for cone sleeves as per your need. And you can make ice cream cone jackets in custom sizes as per your need. 

  • Ultra mini size cone sleeves- 130mm
  • Micro mini size cover – 133mm 
  • Micro size cone sleeves 136mm 
  • Mini cone sleeves- 140mm 
  • Standard size scone sleeve -150mm
  • Jumbo size cone sleeves-165mm

You need to choose the size of cone sleeves according to the size of biscuit waffle cones. And, if you offer fully-sealed ice cream cones, then the size of such cone sleeves with a lid differs from normal cone sleeves. 

Ensure the Use of Ink Friendly Ink Toners for Cone Sleeves 

As you know, ice cream is a food product, and if you pack in low-quality ice cream cones sleeves that leave their ink stains in your food and make them toxic decrease the value of brands. It also creates danger for human health, so always ensure that your packaging suppliers use FDA-approved ink-toners that are eco-friendly and not harmful to health. So, play your role in a green environment by using user-friendly custom waffle cone sleeves for your target audiences. 

Make Them Informative for Target Audiences

Your ice cream cone sleeves must-have brand information for recognition in the industry. And, you can print all products and brand info on your cone sleeves for customer facilitation. In addition to this, ask ice cream cone sleeves suppliers to cautiously adjust your content on cone sleeves to make them branded. Moreover, you need to use the brand name’s unique logo and font style and mention your other information. It prevents you from copyrighted issues or claims in the future and builds your identity in the industry. 

Show Your Creativity and Convey Your Brand Message 

Now it’s time to show your brand creativity by choosing aspects that help you convey your brand message to your target audiences. On this subject, you can use designs, colors, text, and printing options on your custom ice cream cone sleeves that show your brand values and motifs. Also, you can print taglines with unique font style and foiling on your ice cream cones to make them engaging. Also, you can use YV coating, waxy coating, embossing, debossing, and texturing on your cone’s sleeves to enhance their values. 

Where You Find the Best Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves?

If you want to get high-quality and engaging custom cone sleeves, you need to find a trustworthy and well-experienced packaging supplier to ensure good results. On this subject, you can visit online websites of packaging suppliers and check their reviews deeply. Also, you need to make a checklist of enlisting points before choosing your packaging supplier. 

  • Must offer customized option 
  • Use FSC approved material for food packaging 
  • FDA approved ink toners 
  • Option to apply catchy design
  • On-time shipping 
  • Free mockup 
  • Good customer service

Ending Up Thoughts 

So, the gist of the discussion mentioned above is o explain the tips that help find the best and high-grade ice cream cone sleeve. Therefore, custom-made cone sleeves best serve your consumers and uplifts your brand growth. Moreover, you need to pick quality material, add-ons, printing information, and sublime visuals for your target audiences. Also, this article explains where you can find cone sleeves and what tips you need to follow to find suppliers. Now it is your turn to make perfect and ostentatious cone sleeves for your target audience. 

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