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Google Calendar 10 Best Tips and Tricks


Google Calendar is already among the most simple calendar applications to utilize. By following these tricks and tips you’ll make it more simple.

  • Google Calendar is a powerful and simple calendar application that is available for free to users of Gmail as well as Google Workspace Users.
  • Google Calendar can assist you to simplify meeting planning, create meetings reminders, establish your day’s agenda, and plan your activities.
  • You can make use of Google Calendar to share your and your team’s work hours, check the calendar on a mobile device, create video conferencing links and much more.
  • The article was written intended for small-sized entrepreneurs, managers, and those who wish to master Google Calendar.
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Google Calendar will help you plan your day. Google Calendar is a web-based calendar application that has an intuitive, minimalist design as well as wide compatibility. You can connect with your Google Calendar with just about any device on the market and using desktop calendar apps such as Outlook. It’s also free, which makes it a great choice for businesses who are on a tight budget.

However, Google Calendar is much more than just a digital copy that you can use to replace your calendar on the desktop. It’s packed with many features that will increase your productivity every day. These are the top 10 Google Calendar features you may have missed out on.

What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is Google’s free calendar application, which comes together with Google Workspace as well as Gmail. It syncs automatically with the other Google tools and it can be integrated to other systems, like or your Project Management software. You can access it through your web browser , or through it can be used through the Google Calendar mobile app.


Benefits of Google Calendar

These are the major motives to use Google Calendar.

  • Streamlined scheduling of meetings: With Google Calendar it is possible to publish your agenda with anyone. You can also invite individuals from your company to meet up as well as automatically generate video conference links. You can also indicate your working hours and your meeting schedule while comparing them to others. All of these options can greatly increase the efficiency of your meeting planning.
  • Reminders for meetings: It’s easy to be late for meetings or deadlines when there’s lots of things going on. Google Calendar can send you reminders that will ensure you don’t miss crucial occasions. These notifications can be received through your web browser, on your desktop, or on the mobile app on your device.
  • Agendas for the day: Google Calendar can automatically send you a daily agenda prior to the start of each day. So, you’ll start your day knowing precisely what’s in your schedule and have all your ducks in order earlier instead of later.
  • Schedule tasks: Utilizing the task function of Google Calendar, one can utilize Google Calendar as a task management tool. However, apps created for productivity management could be more suitable for this function. Google Calendar does not have the team-communication tools as well as the other features that are essential.
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10. Google Calendar tips and tricks

The tips and tricks listed below could prove useful in the event you use Google Calendar.

1. Set notifications.

Inputting appointments and events into the Google Calendar won’t do you much good if it’s not your intention to forget about the dates when they are due. This is why Google Calendar can send push notifications, or text messages to remind you of forthcoming and upcoming events. Additionally, it can notify you in the event of a cancellation or if details change. To alter the settings for notifications, simply click the gear icon and select “Settings.” Scroll down to “Notification settings” and edit the settings to meet your preferences.

2. Make sure you have your schedule.

Apart from sending messages for specific appointments, Google Calendar can email you a daily schedule to let you see your entire calendar in a glance. The first step is to go to your settings menu (see above). Scroll further until “Settings for my calendar” at the bottom left and then click on your name. Switch the box on the right side of “Daily Agenda” from “None” to “Email.” Each morning, Google will send a complete schedule straight to your inbox.

3. Cover up your idle hours.

If you’re using Google Calendar for business, nights and weekends are simply cluttering up your calendar. Try hiding these dates to allow an improved view of the days and hours you’re available for business. To conceal weekends, simply select the gear icon at the upper left right corner on your calendar and then scroll into “View Options.” Under “Show Weekends,” uncheck the box. To hide time you can install”Hide Morning in Calendar” Chrome extension “Hide Morning in Calendar” Chrome extension. When you open the day or week in your calendar, you’ll notice a slide that is to right of your entry box. Drag it either up or down to conceal any unwanted evening hours.

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4. Set your working hours.

Google Calendar users can receive invitations to meetings from other users and add these appointments to their calendars with only a couple of clicks. However, since you may not be ready for a meeting the calendar feature within Google Calendar helps you set time limits for your work. If someone attempts to set an event outside of these times, they’ll be given an alert, and also have the option of choosing an alternative time. To determine your working hours you must select the gear icon, and select “Settings.” Set the desired hours in “Working Hours.”

5. Manage your tasks.

Forget about pen-and-paper to-do lists. Google Calendar has a hidden task manager that allows you to make lists and mark off tasks as you make your way through. To view your list, go to “My Calendars” in the left-hand column of the main calendar view. Click after that, click “Tasks.” To add tasks, simply click the day that is appropriate on your calendar. If the event dialog box opens, click “Task,” which is at the top of the page, and then enter the information.

6. Make use of your calendar offline.

A calendar that is online offers advantages, namely that it’s available from any device that is connected to the internet. However, it’s not always possible to have access to internet and coverage for mobile devices may be sporadic. In these cases it’s useful to have an offline version of your calendar through the Google Chrome browser. Making this option available isn’t easy and requires a bit of knowledge, so take a look at Google’s step-by-step instructions. Naturally, any new calendar events that you add to your calendar offline won’t be synchronized across all each device until after you connect your internet connectivity.

7. You can share your calendar.

Share your calendar with colleagues or employees can be a great method to work together and complete group projects. If you share your calendar with someone else you want to share it with, they’ll be able to access it from their personal Google Calendar page. To share, click on the gear icon, and then “Settings.” Navigate to “Settings for My Calendars,” select the calendar that you wish to share and then scroll down until “Share with specific people.” Enter your email addresses of the person who you wish to share the calendar. It’s not necessary to publish your calendar as a primary one, you can create a specific project calendar by using your main view of calendar. Click the plus sign on the right side of “Other calendars” in the left-hand column, and then click “Create new calendar.”

8. Schedule group meetings.

The planning of business-related meetings with groups of individuals who have different schedules can be a challenge. Google Calendar can help solve this problem. When you create an event in the same way as you would normally do, select “Find a time” instead. When you add attendees their schedules will be displayed in the same place as your own. In this view you can scan manually for available times or choose “Suggested times” to find the most suitable time slot. 

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9. Create a meeting video link.

There is no need for the Zoom or an phone conference service to hold an online meeting if you’re using Google Calendar. If you make an event that involves at least two persons (including yourself), Google Calendar will automatically add the event to the Google Meet URL. So, your attendees don’t require an image link and you don’t have to provide one. All they have to do is open the event and select “Join with Google Meet” instead.

10. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Google Calendar is among the most efficient planning tools accessible, and keyboard shortcuts make it more efficient. When you are looking through your calendar, you can simply hit “Q” to quick-add an event. By typing “C” brings up the full menu for adding events, while typing “T” brings you to the date of today on your calendar. These three fundamentals are only the beginning of the list, as you will see the following listing of Google Calendar keyboard shortcuts. A single tap is all you need to master your calendar.

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