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Introduction –


Are you a foody who’s always up for trying new flavors? Do you enjoy venturing new cultures and traditions through different recipes? If yes, then here’s a list of few of the most famous foods from all over the globe. 

Food items like Briyani Johor Bahru have been winning hearts for decades. With their undefeated tastes, they bring to your mouth a blast of flavors. Consequently, they can bring the world together in a grand feast where nothing but the taste matters.

In simple words, a good food can make people forget about cultural or language barriers. You can see Americans enjoying Chinese noodles and Asians devouring Cheesy Italian Pizzas.

7 Delicious Food Items that are Popular World Wide –

The world has many countries and the countries have many food. It is not possible that you try them all in one lifetime, but you can surely enjoy some. This article hereby talks about 7 flavorful dishes with different origins. See if any of them intrigues you.

  • South Asian Biryani –

In the southern parts of Asia, biryani is a big deal. The food practically rules over the stretch. However, that doesn’t mean that Briyani Johor Bahru is not popular anywhere else.

Biryani is a proportionate blend of rice, meat, potato and delicious spices, which can keep you full for hours. It has a taste that mixes spicy and savory perfectly.

Furthermore, one usually serves biryani with a side-dish called Rayta. It is like a sauce that enhances the taste of Biryani even more.  

  • Chinese Chow Mein –

Chow Mein has to be one of the most common foods all over the world. Originating from mainland China, it has managed to spread its wings over large territories. Be it America or Australia, there are people everywhere who love Chinese Food In JB

The Chow Mein is commonly identified as stir-fried noodles or pan-fried noodles. It comprises of thin, long, wheat noodles, veggies, sauces and oil of course.  Nonetheless, one can also try it with chicken, egg or some other proteins. This way, it becomes a good source of carbohydrate, protein and fat.

  • Italian Caesar Salad –

An Italian Caesar salad may not be as popular as Chinese Food In JB, but it surely holds its ground. It is also the healthiest in this list. It comes with plenty of greens like lettuce and a choice of meat for non-vegans.

Besides, the recipe also adds thick layers of mayonnaise and cheese. So, this meal is also a good source of protein, fats, carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. It completes the balanced diet.

  • American Hamburgers –

Another world-famous item is an American Hamburger. Even if you have never tried it, you surely have heard the name. It is obviously a burger that has Ham in it. A Ham is a piece of meat cut from the leg of a pork.

Compared to Briyani Johor Bahru or any other food discussed earlier, Hamburgers have a completely different look and taste. It contains bread buns, meat patties, certain veggies and rich cheese which are all arranged in layers.

The fun lies in biting the layers together for it lets you taste all the flavors at the same time. Such burgers are best served with fries.  

  • Korean Ramen –

Running very close to Chinese Chow Mein, Korean Ramen is also a kind of noodles. However, it is not a fried one like Chow Mein. Koreans prefer to boil their noodles rather than frying them.

So they make a hot soup full of spices and taste makers and then dunk their noodles in it. The latter softens and soaks in the flavors nicely. Sometimes, they also add boiled veggies, meat and egg into the dish. 

  • Indian Paani Puri –

India is well-known for it’s awesome street foods. One such food, whose taste is popular nation-wide is Paani Puri. It tastes and looks like nothing discussed so far. A Paani Puri is like thin and crispy, deep-fried sphere of wheat.

It’s a hollow sphere which when eating you fill with spicy mashed potato, maybe some lentils and a flavorful water. Indians are all about spices and masalas. Thus, when you eat a paani puri you taste not just one but four flavors – salty, spicy, sweet and sour.     

Conclusion –

The list of good food from all over the world can go on forever. Even though this article mentions only 7 of them, the chosen ones still manage to show a great diversity in style and taste. All of them have different origins and cultures reflecting from them. So, are you hungry yet? 


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