The Age Of Every Encanto Family Character Explained

The Disney film Encanto introduces an entire Encanto Family of characters blessed with supernatural powers, but their abilities to be supernatural are not the only thrilling aspect of their lives. Encanto is a musical that has brought up questions regarding the character’s personal information and ages after its debut. Fortunately the director of the musical Jared Bush has answered the viewers’ questions via numerous Twitter posts. He also clarifies the confusions surrounding the order of birth within the Madrigal family, pointing out the distinctions in their ages and behavior

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Close Bush as well as director Byron Howard had always wanted to collaborate on an musical project with Byron Howard. As both were raised by extensive extended families, they chose to draw on their shared experience to develop Encanto which will comprise 12 principal characters. The concept was a challenge for the team behind the film’s animation because they had to create distinct characters from one another, despite sharing an identical family. This is the reason, aside being different particular talents as well, each of the people in the Encanto characters also have unique characteristics due to their age and life stages.

Abuelo Pedro

Encanto Family- Abuelo Pedro

A patriarch from the enchanting Madrigal family Abuelo Pedro, who could be the Casita, was spotted by Abuela Alma at the Day of the Little Candles celebration of the holiday season. They immediately met, became friends, married, and they had triplets. However, the invaders destroyed the community they resided in, causing the people to flee, and Pedro to die to help his family. According Bush, according to Bush his sources, when Abuelo Pedro crossed the Rio in the year 2000, he was of exactly the same age Sebastian Yatra was when he recorded “Dos Oruguitas.” The Colombian singer sang the song’s nostalgic lyrics that portrayed the love story of Abuela Alma as well Abuelo Pedro was narrated through flashbacks. Yatra was who was born in the year 1994, just 26 when he teamed up in a collaboration with Encanto producers and created Abuelos Pedro the age of 26 when he passed away.

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Abuela Alma

Encanto Family-Abuela Alma

Even though she doesn’t have any powers that she can use, Abuela Alma is why Madrigals were blessed with the power of magic. The candle’s magical powers were discovered 50 years before Encanto‘s tale was set to begin. Although the Disney film’s timeline was deliberately left ambiguous, Alma had overseen the community that relied on her family for the last five years to keep the magic alive, and the contributions of her grandchildren and children are still in existence. Also, assuming Abuela was close to similar in years as her husband who died was, she’d then probably be between 75 and 76 in the course of the film’s events.

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Encanto Family-Julieta

Mother of Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel, Julieta is blessed with the ability to heal others through the food she prepares. When she cooks in Encanto, she can heal Mirabel’s hand as well as her husband’s bee stain. Because it’s been fifty years since the miraculous event, Abuela Alma’s triplets are at least fifty years of age. In an update on Twitter, Bush confirms that Julieta is the oldest of the siblings, as evidenced by her determination to help anyone who is in need.

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Encanto Family-Agustin

While Agustin’s age isn’t specifically mentioned when he is in the Colombian-influenced film Encanto , it is revealed by the filmmakers who made the film that Agustin is older that Julieta as well as her children. This is further confirmed by his reckless and dangerous behavior, which is why Agustin and Julieta ended up becoming the couple they are today. Since he was only married to his family Agustin has no magical powers. This has made him more appealing to Mirabel and the public.

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Encanto Family-Isabela

As the oldest Madrigal great-grandchild Isabela was always under pressure to become the beautiful, perfect child. Her capacity to produce plants and flowers takes an unexpected turn towards the end of Encanto when she is finally able to accept her own imperfect self. In the film’s story she is aged 21.

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Encanto Family-Luisa

With her incredible strength, Luisa, introduced by the hit song “Surface Pressure,” is the village’s runner who can lift bridges, shifting homes, and completing chores with no effort. Being a typical middle child her sister maintains an emotionally and physically strong appearance to delight her family. However, she is also plagued by anxiety about not living up to what is expected of her community. Luisa was born in Encanto. age 19in the town of Encanto..

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Encanto Family-Mirabel

The second-oldest daughter of Julieta and Agustin, Mirabel is the only Madrigal with no magical power. Despite her distinctness from the other members of the family, she holds an essential element in restoring the magic and re-building the Casita in the event that the miracle is at risk. Bush declares in an Twitter message in a thread on Twitter that Mirabel has a age of fifteen years oldin Encanto, slightly younger than her cousin Camilo.

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Encanto Family-Pepa

The Lin-Manuel Miranda film, Pepa is the middle child of the Madrigal triplets, who are thought to be as the most emotional siblings. It is interesting to note that her ability to manipulate and control the weather is largely dependent on her mood and she is often the subject of an in-ear smack from Abuela when she is experiencing clouds over her head. Wed by Felix, Pepa is also 50 years old.

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Encanto Family-Felix

As Agustin, Felix also does not have supernatural powers because he was a member of the Madrigal clan. Bush states that he’s slightly larger than triplets however it’s not specific by how much. However, his calm and relaxed personality at a more mature age makes him an ideal match for the emotionally fierce Pepa. While it isn’t explicitly stated, Felix is likely in his early to mid 50s.

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Encanto Family-Dolores

Dolores is the oldest and sole daughter of Pepa and Felix also aged 21 and is two months older than Isabella. Dolores is a woman with incredible hearing is quieter and more reserved. the age gap between her and Isabella causes her to be just like her ideal cousin. In the conclusion in Encanto, however, Dolores pursues her happiness.

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Encanto Family-Camilo

Dolores her younger brother Camilo can transform into a different shape. This ability lets him entertain his familyand, sometimes obtain what he wants by manipulating people. Camilo is a ” theater kid” playing with different identity, Camilo is 15 years old just a little more than Mirabel. According to Bush says the reason for this, it’s a shock to the Madrigals to learn that Mirabel did not receive an item just a few days after Camilo was given his.

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Encanto Family-Antonio

The youngest of those Madrigals, Antonio, is just five years old in the events of the film Encanto. The focus of the first half of the film, his wedding was the very first one since the one of Mirabel who’s power surprise was unveiled at the start of the story. This puts the pressure for Antonio to ensure that he doesn’t disappoint his family. The good news is that he has the ability to communicate with animals, which can be useful in revealing the secrets behind the family’s magical.

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Encanto Family-Bruno

Like the other triplets Bruno is also 50 year old when he arrives in Encanto. He is cursed with clairvoyance. Bruno is rejected by his family and even by his village because of his pessimistic outlook. Actually, the music video “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” exposes his predicament and warns younger generations about his past behavior. It turns out that Bruno is simply confused and is a sad truth considering that he is one of the youngest Madrigal triplets of Encanto.

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Disney Hasn’t Confirmed Encanto 2: Everything We Know So Far

Disney hasn’t yet confirmed or said orally denied that it is possible to make Encanto 2, the sequel to Encanto. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t talk of a sequel however. In fact, Encanto performed so well that it was awarded Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score at the 2022 Oscars. Encanto’s popularity surpasses the popularity from the films Frozen and the Incredibles and The Incredibles, both of which received sequels some time later. As there’s no yet an announcement that confirms whether Encanto 2.will take place, there’s not a release date to be found. Additionally, it’s common for people to wait years between Pixar films because of the time-consuming animation process. It’s likely that there won’t be an official release date announced anytime soon, but the care and dedication that’s evident throughout Encanto illustrates the benefits of waiting for a movie created with genuine enthusiasm and heart.

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In the event that The Encanto sequel were to take place The main cast will likely return for a second time to play their characters. This implies the likes of Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, and others would most likely return. The new characters could also be able to join the fold since the mountain has become open to welcoming newcomers. The story isn’t in the near future in Encanto 2, but it’s still possible to make an educated speculation. Maybe Mirabel will be tasked with being the leader of the family as she has the ability to speak to Casita. It’s likely that she will be the next to hold the candle of Abuela’s magic. No matter if Encanto 2,happens, Encanto provides an unique collection of characters and a broad range of ages assuring that there’s a story this show that is relatable to all.

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