How to mod the google snake game | 2022

Snake is the past, and that is exactly why Google took the quick choice to incorporate it into their browser quite a while ago. To play the game all you have to enter Snake Game in the Google search bar and it will pop up. Modifying it, on other hand, involves some additional steps. Here’s how you can include Google Snake mods:

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  • Get this Google Snake menu Mod from GitHub.
  • Copy this Moremenu.html file to your computer.
Snake Game
  • Press CNTRL + Shift + Oto open your bookmarks.
  • Choose the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Choose the option to Import Bookmarks.
  • Download into the Moremenu.html file.
  • Change the file’s name in the Snake Game Menu.
  • Play the game on Google by entering Snake Game.
  • Once you’ve opened it After that, select on the settings icon (cog).
  • If you have bookmarks in your browser, select the menu for Snake Game. This will bring a variety of modifications on your Settings slider.
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After you’ve activated the mods for Snake Game, you will be able to play various maps, change the speed, and play with different types of cosmetics. To take off the mods close your browser and open it again, or delete it from your bookmarks. Snake Game Menu file in your bookmarks.

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