How to Disable YouTube Video Autoplay

Disable YouTube Video Autoplay: Like video addicts would testify to, you may need to play more than one video at the at the same time, so that you can let the video start loading before you start playing it one time.


Anyone who has used this technique would be aware of the frustration of having the video to automatically play even though buffering isn’t be complete, particularly if there are multiple loadings and you aren’t sure what tab will be playing which not. This article will present to you some browser extensions that can assist you in Disable YouTube Video Autoplay feature.

Stop YouTube Autoplay on Chrome

If you’re using Chrome browser, click here for an extension called Stop Autoplay for Youtube chrome extension. Add it to your the Chrome browser.

Once the installation is completed the installation is complete! Play any YouTube video in your Chrome browser and you’ll notice that the video will not play until fully loaded.

Click to play or load

If you would prefer to remain in control and allow videos play only at the time you’d like then you should select “Click to play” on your browser. This is compatible with both Opera as well as Chrome browsers.

1. Opera

For Opera to open, simply launch your browser, then go to the preferences.

Then, go to the the Advanced tab, then look at in the Content section in the left-hand sidebar and select the checkbox for Plug-ins that can be disabled only upon demand and hit “OK”.

2. Chrome

If you are on Chrome browser, type chrome://chrome/settings/content in the address bar and enter. When the settings page appears scroll down, and look for the plug-ins section. Change the selection to Click to Play..

With this all implemented for Opera and Chrome, whenever you launch an upcoming video on Youtube it won’t load or play until you click the button that is large at the bottom of the screen.

3 Firefox

For Firefox visit the Tubestop Extension page and download the extension in your browser.

After installation is completed After installation is complete, no videos will play or load, until you click the link that appears on the screen.


With the help of these settings and extensions you will have complete and greater control over your video whether they are loading, buffering or buffering them. Have fun playing your videos!

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