25 lakh home loan emi

Want to own a home? Struggling with rising property rates? A home loan can help prospective homebuyers realise their big dream of constructing or purchasing their own home. 


Properties cost homebuyers a lot of money, from a few lakhs to tens and hundreds of crores. Those with a limited amount of disposable cash have to apply for a sizable loan to buy the property, after the initial down payment. After loan approval, individuals need to manage monthly loan EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments).

Borrowers will do better by managing their home-loan repayments wisely. They must choose an EMI amount which they will not struggle to repay. If the amount is on the higher side, they must choose a lengthy loan tenure which reduces the EMI amount.  Borrowers having taken a home loan of Rs.25 lakhs at the rate of 9% annually, generally pay an EMI of Rs.20,000 on a 30 year loan term. Thus, based on what their monthly income is, they need to smartly plan the loan repayment to avoid being a defaulter.

Manage and Make 25 Lakh Home Loan EMIs Budget Friendly

Here is the post for borrowers looking for solutions to manage their home loan EMIs within their monthly budget.

  1. Have a Repayment Plan

Without a proper repayment plan, borrowers may find repaying the home loan difficult. A home loan of Rs.25 lakhs will incur a monthly instalment of Rs.20,000 over a 30 year repayment period. The most important factors here are the EMI amount and the loan tenure. After considering monthly income and expenses, borrowers must choose the loan term and EMI amount, to comfortably repay their home loan.

For instance, a borrower who can afford an EMI of up to Rs. 30,000 per month,  can choose a lesser loan tenure, up to 10-12 years. If they want to pay a small EMI, say 20,000, they can apply for a long-term loan with a repayment tenure of 25-30 years.

A home loan EMI calculator can help borrowers in choosing a suitable tenure. It is a ready-to-use online tool that allows borrowers to plan their loan repayment. Users can access this calculator at the lender’s official website. It allows users to calculate EMIs for different combinations of loan amounts, interest rates and tenures. Users can adjust the figures until they reach the desired EMI value. Managing housing loan EMI will be easier with a pre-planned repayment schedule.

  1. Research Carefully for Affordable Rates

Borrowers need to be smart for home loan EMIs that are easy on their finances. A home loan approved at a lower lending rate will be much more affordable with low-interest costs. An EMI includes a part of the principal and interest cost. The lower the lending rate, the lower the EMI. Shop around for lower interest rates. Compare home loan offers from different lending institutions before making an application. Individuals who have maintained a long-standing relationship with lenders and maintained a good credit score, can negotiate a lower interest rate and make a home loan more affordable.

NBFCs such as Fullerton India have taken the initiative of offering interested home buyers ‘Grihashakti Home Loans’ to help realize their dream of affordable housing.

  1. Prepayments to Reduce Borrowing Costs

Do not just pay for the home loan, try to pay more to get rid of debt sooner. A home loan can be a long-term commitment with a tenure of 30 years. Over this long tenure, borrowers may get a bonus or receive a lump sum amount from an investment or any other source. Borrowers can utilise this sum to make a prepayment for the home loan. It will reduce the principal amount and in turn, it brings the home loan EMIs down. Check for the prepayment fee with the lender while applying for a home loan.

  1. If Required Opt for Home Loan Balance Transfer

A home loan balance transfer allows borrowers to transfer the outstanding principal from their current lender to a new lender. Typically, it is a solution to borrow funds at lower interest rates or better loan terms. Borrowers can transfer their home loans to a lender offering lower interest rates, making loan EMIs more affordable. Customers can use the Smfg Grihashakti Repayment Calculator for easy calculations to save money on home loan transfer.


These techniques can help home buyers manage home loan EMI repayments. Plan your home loan repayment beforehand and follow other measures to reduce the impacts of temporary financial issues that you may occur during the loan tenure. Focus on your income and expenses for convenient loan repayment.

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