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DD Hills Bangalore Travel Guide 2022


DD Hills (Devaranya Durga)

Are you looking to take the weekend to take a quick trip around Bangalore? Devarayana Durga, also known as DD Hills is the perfect location to visit. If you’re a fan of the stunning sunrise on a cliff, or watch the sunset over Lake, DD Hills has it everything. The curvaceous roads and tranquil views take you to this beautiful hilltop temple that has mischievous monkeys located just 100kms from the IT capital city of India well-known as Devaranyadurga or DD Hills. In this article, we’re going to go over the most popular tourist destinations in the vicinity of Devarayana Durga. you should not overlook. Find out more!.

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It was a great ride Saturday morning, when I rode to this location almost five years of riding with a group of avid riders.

A great half-day trip to beat boredom, breathe fresh air and take in the an unspoiled and clean environments close to Tumakuru. The hill top is home to an ancient and beautiful lord Lakshmi Narsimha temple in amidst of nature’s throne. If you’ve got good contacts, you can make an appointment for the inspection bungalow to have an unforgettable night on the Hill Top.

How to Reach Devarayana Durga?

dd hills
Route to DD Hills from Bangalore

It is located in located in the Tumkur District. This location is approximately 60 km away from Bangalore and should take just 90 minutes to get there. The quickest way to get to Devarayana Durga is to travel via the Tumkur highway, and then follow the detour that is to the Dabaspete Flyover on-to Madhugiri Road. 

Please check this Google Maps Link for the exact route.

If you’re coming to Tumkauru, DD Hills is just 16 kilometers distance from city. There are numerous ways to get to DD Hills and you can reach the exact location previously mentioned. If you want to travel through flight to reach Bangalore. The best way to find the cheapest and fastest flight is by using a flight search engine like Skyscanner and kayak. This website has a lot of great features that can help you find the perfect flight for your needs, such as price alerts and a list of airports near you.

The Right Time to Visit DD Hills?

Natural beauty and the natural splendor of the area creates Devarayana Durga an all-year location. However, if I were to choose a specific time, the ideal time to visit the place would be between June and October. In this time the forest that surrounds the hill is lush and alive, offering an amazing view from the highest point. If you go to this spot in any other time of the year you’ll still be able to take in stunning view of sunset and sunrise.

If you plan to go to DD Hills in the morning I would suggest leaving Bangalore before 5 AM to be able to enjoy the calm and peaceful mornings. Don’t be surprised when you are surrounded by clouds at the top. You may even get to see it, if you’re luck is with you.

Are you a lover of sunsets who enjoys cozy sunsets and golden skies? You don’t have to worry because you’ll be able to observe many of the breathtaking sunsets over the cliff from The Devarayana Durga viewpoint. In this instance, you may have to leave Bangalore around 4 pm.

We highly suggest that you keep in mind the estimated time of travel depending on the traffic volume and the location of your destination in Bangalore.

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Best Places to See in DD Hills

This blog I’m going to present the 4 locations within Devarayana Durga, which can be visited in one visit. The same itinerary applies to all of them as listed below.

The entire route could take about 7 to 8 hours and include the travel time between and Bangalore. I would also suggest that you keep Google Map in offline mode. Google Map in offline mode to ensure that you don’t have no coverage on your mobile.

1. Irakasandra Tank

Irakasandra Tank is a beautiful lake that is located in a small village that is located about 15 km away from DD Hills. It is an undiscovered location with beautiful hills in the background. Early mornings in this area are tranquil and peaceful. But, if you are planning to visit the place at night it is possible to savor a meal by watching the beautiful sunset over the lake and in the hills.

There aren’t any stores or hotels in the vicinity of the lake. The closest village Irakasandra is situated about 5 km away from the lake. There you will locate the necessary stores as well as other necessities. It is possible to follow the route up to Irakasandra Tank as per Google Maps.

2. Devarayana Durga – View Point 1

It’s the same rock you see in the cover image! The way the rock floats over the edge is a surprise to anyone who views the photo. It just improves when you go to this location in reality. The views from here are stunning with lush forests and rock-covered mountains. It is without doubt the most ideal place to see Sunset at sunset from DD Hills.

There is a way for you to drive your car up to the highest point (and should you choose to do so I strongly recommend be careful) however, at times guards may not let you go. In any case, you could decide to park your car and walk about 500m to view amazing beauty. There’s an abandoned Bungalow located on top. I can assure you that you should be sure to take a look out of the window to get a unique viewpoint.

The journey to this location could be a tricky and if the address in Google Maps confusing do not hesitate to ask people who live there for direction.

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3. Devarayana Durga – View Point 2

If you plan to visit DD Hills in the morning it is the first spot you should visit. In a day that is cloudy you’ll be able to see yourself floating in the fog , and once it clears up it will allow you to take in the stunning wide-span view across the broad horizon.

It’s a great time to relax and snap pictures on the rugged hill that runs across the curve of hairpins. Don’t worry even if the sky is clear as you will be able to see the gorgeous sunrise over the horizon. Find the place to ViewPoint 2.

4. Stone Quarry

This is the last spot to visit before departing to Bangalore after Devarayana Durga. It’s an abandoned quarry with an overhanging hill and is surrounded by fields of paddy. The crystal clear water and sharp cut lines in the rock is what makes this quarry distinctive and makes for the perfect location for a photo shoot anytime.

Because this stone quarry is not well-known to the crowd You can enjoy some privacy with nature and be surrounded by peace. You can find the exact location of this quarry according to Google Maps.

The most efficient way to get back from Bangalore From here, is to take the Tumkur bypass, from which point you’ll be able to ride back to the Tumkur-Bangalore road.

N.B This is very popular, therefore please ensure that you maintain the natural beauty of it by refrain from littering it.

For more details and the most recent updates, stay tuned with News Chronicles 24


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