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Cloudways Web Hosting Review


When writing a Cloudways Web Hosting Review, customer support is one of the most important factors. Cloudways offers phone support, live chat, and ticket support during business hours. Additionally, they have a robust knowledge base with a number of articles aimed at helping people with common questions. This article will give you some insights into what to look for in a hosting provider. Continue reading for a more detailed Cloudways web hosting review. Weigh these benefits against the price and reliability of the service to make a decision based on your own needs.


Free website creation

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When you sign up for free website creation with Cloudways, you get your very own domain. Once you have registered your domain, all you need to do is choose a web application. This will allow you to create any kind of website based on your business needs. You can even create your own blog on Cloudways! To get started, simply sign up for the free trial and select the application you’d like to use.

You can even create a free site on Cloudways by using your Github, Google, or LinkdedIn credentials. The next step is to select the content management system (CMS) you want to use, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Koken. The free trial account will allow you to create your first website within a few hours. You can also choose your domain name and choose from a variety of themes, so your site looks great no matter what theme you use.

Flexible pricing structure

Fast magento cloudways hosting

Cloudways offers a pay-as-you-go pricing structure that allows customers to add resources as needed, and upgrade or downgrade their hosting plan whenever they want. Cloudways’ flexible pricing structure allows users to scale up or down their server resources as needed. In addition, users can customize their plans by upgrading the RAM, disk space, CPU core, and bandwidth, if necessary. This gives customers greater control over the resources they need for their sites.

Another advantage of Cloudways is their cloud-based architecture, which distributes the VPS model across several clustered hardware components. This offers built-in redundancy, limiting the number of downtimes. The scalable platform also enables on-demand resource addition, allowing the hosting company to respond to the needs of growing businesses and websites. Generally speaking, the distributed computing environment also leads to higher performance, with a site loading in 400 to 600 milliseconds. Likewise, Cloudways’ high uptime guarantees nearly 100% uptime.

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Easy configuration

Cloudways provides its customers with numerous benefits, such as free site migration, automatic off-site backups, and two-factor authentication. Its technology also allows users to enjoy near-perfect uptime, thanks to replication of content across clustered hardware components. The company’s comprehensive technical support team is available 24/7 and is available to help with any questions you might have. Its free migration tool also makes the process as smooth as possible.

Unlike shared hosting, Cloudways’ management screen is incredibly easy to use. You can choose to add a primary domain or subdomain, using the ADD DOMAIN button. To point your domain to the website server, you need to add the relevant A record and the necessary Nameservers. Once you’ve added these, you’ll be able to access the ‘Access Details’ of your application.

Load WooCommerce Stores in 249ms!


The Cloudways website management system is highly reliable, as it uses the latest technology of top cloud providers to deliver faster page load times. With a geographically distributed network of servers, Cloudways web hosting reliability is guaranteed. Its auto-healing system can identify and repair server issues on its own when a crash is imminent. Cloudways Hosting reliability has helped countless people build a successful business. Read on to find out how Cloudways’s technology works.

cloudways plan

The Cloudways control panel has several helpful features, including monitoring, advanced application control, server cloning, and cache controls. The Cloudways team can also help you optimize Google pagespeed and other settings and resolve any system problems you might encounter. Cloudways also features a bot called CloudwaysBot, a smart, personal assistant for your hosting. This intelligent agent can deliver notifications via email, Slack, and API, and can alert you to general system health.

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Cloudways has strong web hosting security measures. In addition to regular security updates, they handle server management. This is a big concern for security, especially since servers require regular updates to stay secure. Cloudways offers many security features, including built-in firewalls and application isolation. Expert users can log into the server using SSH to secure their information and protect their site. Cloudways also offers website migration. Besides these security features, Cloudways also offers a comprehensive support team that is knowledgeable and available round-the-clock.

The Cloudways control panel features a W3 Total Cache plugin that enhances site performance and security. A dedicated firewall prevents malicious software from infiltrating the system. Cloudways also provides a log of IP addresses you can whitelist to prevent hackers from accessing your website. These features, combined with their secure cloud hosting, keep your data safe from hacker attacks. With the help of a Cloudways account, you can easily install WordPress on your website. Check cloudways price on official website

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