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Customers drive the retail industry. You’ll want to keep this in mind when planning to enter a new market. If you’re planning of doing business in Dubai soon, it’s essential to know the local market and their expectations. Retail consulting services can help you navigate the constantly changing and evolving UAE market.


Retail consulting is not just for retailers; it is also functional for wholesalers looking to switch to modern supply chain management platforms that offer collaboration and visibility tools to help them with timely operational strategies. This way, they can make the most of their inventory KPIs. Better focus on inventory leads to increased revenue, ensure fast and accurate delivery, manage larger orders, enhance customer loyalty, and accelerate cash flow. It may also help reduce administrative costs and encourage better performance in sales and delivery representatives and merchandisers.

Keep up with the new norm

Many retail and wholesale business owners felt the maximum impact of supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns, closures, and travel restrictions resulted in a series of improvements in the global supply chain as wholesalers and retailers began scrutinising each step, such as procurement and sourcing. Some retailers and wholesale business owners turned to retail consulting to find ways to reduce lead times and enhance resiliency, responsiveness, and speed.

Implement better and more effective technologies

Integrating technology into all aspects of the retail experience can deliver a true omnichannel environment. For instance, a custom app has helped boost market responsiveness as managers have discovered how to plan purchase decisions effectively.

E-commerce technology also allows retail and wholesale companies to do business more efficiently and effectively. Distributors, retailers, and other industries need to learn how to use different technologies to achieve better visibility over their supply chains and inventory, so they can quickly respond during a disruption.

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