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Attracting Custom Homes:


Features and Attributes Many people dream of owning their own custom-built home as it allows them to realize their ideas in designing an ideal space that meets all their requirements. Finding one can be difficult due to all the choices and options available.


This brief guide will discuss the essential characteristics and qualities to look for when building a custom home, from architectural features to interior design considerations. Knowing these essential features will allow you to make informed decisions and turn your dream house into reality – from architectural features to interior design aspects. So let’s get going:

Open Floor Plan

Nowadays, more people than ever enjoy hosting gatherings right in the center of their house. Modern homes with open floor designs allow the person in the kitchen to stay engaged with family room activities such as watching movies or having talks in an open dining area.

Wall and door removal enhances views from internal areas and allows more sunlight into the house through windows and into its center.

Floor plans that appeal to buyers often contain features that make life easier for both current residents and future sellers, so this element can not only benefit you but also potential buyers in case you ever decide to sell the home. Many Custom Home Builders Adelaide offer this feature.

Though granite has long been the go-to material for countertops, other materials like solid surfaces, soapstone, quartz and marble have quickly gained in popularity over time.

Are you looking to add an unexpected element to your kitchen? Consider using a live edge wood slab as the countertop material on your island instead of more conventional materials, giving it an original and eye-catching appearance. The rough edges will add character and give your island its own personality!

Custom homes provide more storage options than other houses. Your custom house could take advantage of additional coat closets, linen closets or even a walk-in pantry to improve storage options and save space in its layout.

Upgraded cabinets to 48 inches would increase storage. Full extension drawers and pull out trash cans would also increase capacity.

Expanding the master closet will give you more space for hanging clothes and shoe storage, dressers, shoe racks or seasonal storage solutions can also be added as extras.

Custom Built-In Shelves

When building your custom home, you don’t have to settle for off-the-shelf bookcases that don’t suit its style. Your builder can create shelves that complement any room in your house from kitchen and family rooms to studies – traditional, rustic, contemporary or even a combination.

Shelving that blends in seamlessly with your decor looks good and doesn’t take up any additional space, while providing more storage without diminishing aesthetic appeal is possible with built-in shelves and cabinets.

Most individuals list having an easily manageable and spacious laundry room as one of their preferred features in a new home.

Certain laundry rooms may have enough space for additional counters and even a basin and faucet combination.

There’s nothing quite as comforting or welcoming on a cold Rochester evening as sitting by an inviting fire. However, you don’t have to accept an uninspiring fireplace as part of your custom home design; an eye-catching floor-to-ceiling fireplace provides a dramatic focal point in any family room and adds atmosphere and depth.

An alternative option would be installing a natural gas fireplace in your home and controlling when and how often the fire burns, eliminating the need for manual ash removal. You will enjoy greater convenience thanks to its convenience of use when controlling its ignition or extinguishing.

Reputation Of Builders

Your choice of custom home builders Adelaide can either make or break your experience. Due to unfamiliarity with the locale or nature of your project, not every builder may be suitable.

Selecting a builder should resemble an interview. Candidates with strong references and recent projects that are similar to yours from within the past three years should be shortlisted. Furthermore, throughout your project they must effectively communicate and act both as teacher and partner.

Don’t overlook this essential advice when searching for your ideal custom-built home. To have the best possible building experience, keep these suggestions in mind.

Your needs come first when designing your new house! At Format Homes, they understand this is your new home and are here to support every step along the way. Their family-run business works closely with you to carefully craft a residence tailored exactly to what suits you and your family best.

Your dream home is something they strive to help create, with the custom home builders Adelaide offering tailored advice and strategies for making it happen as efficiently and stress-free as possible. Give them a call right now so they can start turning them into reality!



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