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A popular site for pirated anime has ended its days due to issues with its funding mechanism were not able to be solved. AnimeKisa was receiving as high as 20 million visitors each month, but its customers prefer not to see a lot of advertisements. The site changed to the donation model, but after users did not make a donation the required amount, the site was compelled to shut down.


While the majority of new pirate sites are based on an interest in profit immediately getting a site up and running can be a challenging when you have appropriate capabilities.

For those who have money to spare, the cost-free site could offer all sorts of rewards that go beyond cash.

Making a community, making new acquaintances and doing something different can bring benefits that money cannot purchase. However, the reality for many is that money doesn’t grow in trees and adulation from followers doesn’t help pay for website costs.

An Unrealistic Success Story


The domain was first announced in late 2018, however it took a few months before it began to gain traction. It offers anime and Japanese animations that are a popular choice these days, the website has since grown in popularity, with oldest reports of the Wayback Machine indicating that AnimeKisa wanted to finance itself with donations.

“Help to keep us running Ad-Free,” the old text reads, indicating the goal at $150 for a month, and contributions so far in the amount of $60.

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If that monthly goal was ever met or even exceeded is not known, but as with other similar platforms, advertisements were then added on to the website. In many cases, advertisements can be enough to keep a site going but it became evident that the users of AnimeKisa would prefer not to see a lot of ads, if none even.

This is a problem encountered by a lot of pirate websites. Although they have relatively low costs they must make at least some revenue. Since the majority of pirates (being pirates) do not want to pay for access to ‘free content, advertisements become an integral part to the commercial model. However, pirates don’t dislike ads, which is why they either stop them or place pressure on websites to get them removed.

Removes Advertising

In an AnimeKisa announcement made this week, it has removed the majority of ads around the time of its announcement. Estimates of traffic from SimilarWeb indicate that the site is that is in good shape with 18 to 21 million visitors per month in 2022 . It also has a well-known subreddit as well as a Discord channel for discussions. It’s not like that can make people donate however.


“If you’ve been on the site since the beginning of last year and you’ve probably seen the donation campaign we ran. Since we took ads off one year and a half ago (excluding those from third parties that aren’t possible to get rid of) The wallet of AK was drained up. Thanks to your contributions we could extend AK’s time-of-life by a few days,” the announcement reads.

“It has been 3 long years, it was great while it lasted, but AnimeKisa sbs is never coming back online.”

The site’s shutdown seems to be under control. Although it’s impossible to rule out but there isn’t any mention of pressure from outside as the reason for the closing of AnimeKisa. Naturally complaints from copyright owners are not uncommon for pirate websites, and AnimeKisa was no different.

In the last couple of months alone, organizations like MX International, VIZ Media, FUNimation, Aniplex, Madman Entertainment, and Toei have all made DMCA remove notices to Google and are likely to continue to issue them until the time of Google’s death.

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AnimeKisa Clones are Not Recommened

Anyone searching on behalf of”the AnimeKisa name on Google will come across a plethora of sites bearing similar names, however the owners of AnimeKisa advise not to use them.

“Copycats of AnimeKisa are available, they’re often swarming by the most sexist ads [sic. Anime Kisa could be shutting down, but you shouldn’t go to the low-cost copycat sites as there are better alternatives,” they note they list several alternatives that are better.

The advertisements used on “bottom of the barrel” pirate websites allow the sites to remain online, but it could be in the way of users. Advertisements can be blocked in numerous instances however this means lower profits for their owners and a decrease in their motivation to continue operating or even operating.

This issue has no solution that is easy to solve, and will continue to be as a part of the piracy dilemma. Even when content is free and free of charge, websites require money to operate.

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