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Isn’t it surprising to know that billions of people are using Android app development services from all across the world? The numbers are so high that even if we add so many countries’ populations together, their data will still be lower than the Android users. But how did it happen?


Well, Android was launched as an OS, and since then, it has kept on adding many new features and benefits which has made it more popular and grow faster in the market. 

As of 2023, Android holds 69.7% of the worldwide market of mobile OS. There are over 7.33  billion smartphone users currently, which means that Android users are nearly 4 billion all across the world. 

This larger Android user-base makes the business able to target a wider audience on a single platform. Thus, it is essential to build a powerful Android platform that can make the brand reach masses of people. 

Benefits of Android App for Enterprises 

Businesses are meant to reach a large number of people. An Android app provides this opportunity to connect their brand with the masses. 

It all requires them to opt for Android app development services, which will help them get the following benefits:

Huge Market Potential: The Android OS platform has a huge market potential for every industry. There is a large number of audience that belongs to different age groups, professions, and backgrounds. So whether you are a clothing brand or a food aggregator, this platform can connect your business with a specific audience group. 

East-Integration: Android apps are highly flexible. It can be created to support the needs of different businesses. You can add various features which are required in your industry. For example, if you are building a CRM solution and want to integrate it with a market automation feature, then yes, you can do it. 

Growth in Revenue: A large audience base means higher chances of revenue growth. Building an Android app will facilitate your business to interact with a potential audience that can be converted into customers. All it requires is an effective marketing strategy to drive the audience towards making a purchase. 

Analytical Insights: An Android app enables the business to track insightful data that can be very helpful in decision-making. For example, it can help you understand customer behavior based on their app usability. Brands like Amazon target customer behavior analytics to show the products in the “Deals for You” section. 

Scalable: Android app features can be expanded based on your business requirements. You can choose to add more security solutions, in-app features, and customized solutions to meet future needs. This makes the Android app a right fit for growing businesses and startups all across borders. 

How to find a reliable Android app development agency?

It is important to look for a reliable partner to turn your goals into action. Look for these qualities that can help you source the best app development agency:

  • Experience: Professionals with a higher level of experience are more capable of handling complex projects than newbies. 
  • Technology: Look for a competitive organization that works on the latest technology to build and deliver the projects.
  • Past Projects: The company’s portfolio gives an insight into its past works and makes us understand the potential of the company in tackling challenging tasks. 
  • Client Reviews: Always look for genuine customer reviews to understand the experience of customers. Give it a heads-up when more people are satisfied with the services.

These four factors will help you source the right partner for your projects. And even if you are unsure about the company, then book a consultation with them to understand their prospects in a crystal clear manner. 


All these above benefits make Android the best choice for all enterprises. With an Android application, companies can reach a wider audience at a lower cost. It is a highly scalable and expandable platform that can easily adjust to future business requirements. 

It is much more affordable to build an Android app than on any other OS. There are a large number of resources available when it comes to developing Android apps. The best part is that the process to build and deploy apps on Android is faster and more convenient. There are many app emulators like Bluestacks, which can make developers test the apps on virtual devices without actually publishing them on Google Play. 

It also allows you to solve the real-time problems. Imagine if a large part of your customers are quitting the purchase at a time, then it means that there is some issue with the payments integration. This can help you to solve your problems instantly and save your potential customers.

What’s more, you will never face difficulties in finding the best enterprise application development services. There is a great pool of talent that can support the needs and requirements of every business. You just need to find the right development agency who can understand your requirements and provide the desirable solutions. 


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