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Standing out at trade events and exhibits is important for capturing attention and generating leads. Your shell scheme, the backdrop that defines your space, is an important factor in this equation. However, deciding on the best material for your graphics might be challenging. Wood? Too bulky and cumbersome. Fabric? prone to wrinkles and rips. Enter the exhibition industry’s unsung hero: Foamex boards.


These lightweight, adaptable panels provide numerous benefits, making them an excellent choice for your next shell scheme. Discover the top five reasons why Foamex boards should be your go-to material.

Discover the top five reasons why Foamex boards should be your go-to material.

  1. Versatility Unleashed

Foamex boards are known for their adaptability, making them an excellent canvas for shell scheme designs. The boards are available in a variety of thicknesses, allowing you to customise the material to your precise requirements. Whether you want a sleek and lightweight display or a tougher, more robust solution, Foamex boards can be tailored to your specifications. This versatility guarantees that your shell scheme visuals not only look great, but also fit perfectly in their designated space, resulting in a polished and professional presentation.

  1. High-quality printing

Creating vivid and high-resolution graphics is essential for attracting attention in a crowded show space. Foamex board printing produces vibrant and precise pictures, ensuring that your logo and messaging leave a lasting impression. The smooth surface of Foamex boards is a great substrate for detailed printing, allowing colours to stand out and text to remain crisp. This attention to printing precision is critical in making your shell scheme stand out against the visual clutter of a trade show or event.

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Image Source: Foamex Printing Company London
  1. Lightweight flexibility

Exhibiting at trade exhibitions frequently presents logistical issues, and the weight of your display elements is an important factor. Foamex boards provide an ideal blend of lightweight and durability. They are simple to carry, set up, and dismantle, minimising the logistics of attending events. This lightweight manoeuvrability simplifies the practicality of presenting your business while also contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective exhibition strategy.

  1. Durability takes centre stage 

The durability of Foamex boards takes front stage, providing a strong response to potential problems. Their closed-cell foam construction provides excellent resistance, preventing scratches, dents, and moisture damage. This durability ensures that your graphics remain clear and colourful throughout your event, giving them a professional appearance. Furthermore, the lightweight composition of Foamex boards allows for easy handling while also reducing the possibility of unintended damage to nearby structures or exhibit objects, resulting in a worry-free and long-lasting display solution.

  1. Eco-conscious Choice

Foamex boards are distinguished as an environmentally conscientious solution, emphasising the growing importance of sustainability. These boards, made of recycled materials and totally recyclable, help to promote a circular economy by reducing environmental impact. Choosing Foamex ties your company with environmentally sustainable ideals, appealing to conscious consumers who respect responsible choices. This drive to sustainability not only benefits your brand, but it also establishes a relationship with environmentally conscious audiences, displaying a common commitment to a cleaner future.

Creative Aspects of Foamex

  • Versatile 3D Creativity: Foamex boards may be shaped into bespoke 3D pieces, unlike traditional flat panels.
  • Engaging Booths: Designers have the creative freedom to create visually appealing booths out of Foamex boards, moulding them into towering product duplicates and unusual geometric shapes. These eye-catching displays provide a dynamic presence that stands out during shows.
  • Endless options: Foamex’s exceptional adaptability liberates businesses from the constraints of conventional booth designs. With the ability to shape Foamex into bespoke 3D elements, exhibitors can transcend the ordinary, creating immersive and engaging displays that captivate audiences. This versatility sparks creativity, offering a world of design options that elevate brand presentations to unprecedented levels of innovation and uniqueness.
  • Immersive Experience:Foamex’s extraordinary adaptability extends beyond typical booth design, enabling the creation of dynamic, immersive experiences. Shaping Foamex into personalised 3D parts allows exhibitors to break away from flat displays, creating a sensual and engaging experience for visitors. This innovation enhances brand presentations, leaving an indelible impact on event attendees.
  • Brand Differentiation: Foamex’s unique customisation capabilities enable firms to break free from typical booth designs, creating original and eye-catching displays in crowded exhibition venues. Businesses can catch attention, differentiate themselves, and leave a lasting impression on their competitors by shaping Foamex into bespoke 3D objects and incorporating bright graphics.
  • Unforgettable Exhibits: The innovative usage of Foamex boards ensures that your brand provides an unforgettable and distinct show experience.
  • Attention-Grabbing Displays: Foamex’s creative potential allows for the creation of eye-catching displays, ensuring that your business stands out among the competitors.
  • Memorable Brand Image: By utilising Foamex’s adaptability, your company may project a memorable and distinct image that connects with show attendees.
shell scheme graphics
Image Source: Foamex Printing Company London

Application of Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell scheme graphics provide a number of advantages for exhibitors, including increased visibility and communication during events. Here are several major advantages:

  • Brand Visibility: Shell scheme visuals create a designated place for branding, allowing exhibitors to boldly display logos, colours, and brand messaging. This improves brand awareness and recognition in the show environment.
  • Professional Appearance: Graphics transform simple shell schemes into professionally designed booths. The coherent and polished appearance draws attention, inspires confidence, and conveys a dedication to quality and professionalism.
  • Cost-Effective Branding: When compared to custom-built booths, shell scheme graphics are a more affordable way to create a branded show space. They give a canvas for eye-catching displays without the cost of building a fully customised booth.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Shell scheme visuals are designed to be simple to install and remove. This saves exhibitors time and effort during the setup phase, allowing them to concentrate on more important parts of their participation in the event.
  • Versatility: Graphics on shell schemes can accommodate a variety of design features. Exhibitors can customise the graphics for product presentations and informational panels.

Investing in Success: Partnering with Experts

Choosing the correct Foamex boards and printing partner is key to maximising the benefits of this incredible material. At Foamex Printing Company understands the value of quality and innovation. We offer a variety of Foamex board thicknesses, coatings, and printing options to meet your exact requirements and budget. Our skilled staff is ready to assist you from concept to finish, designing, printing, and installing a shell scheme that will truly impress.Are you ready to make your next display into a masterpiece? Contact Foamex Printing Company immediately and let our Foamex expertise help your brand succeed!


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