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Are you looking for a few good video ideas for your YouTube channel? Also, do you want to help your channel go viral on the platform? Then, you are at the perfect place! This article is here for you. This article gathers an amazing list of YouTube video ideas all in one place. 


With billions of users, YouTube is the second biggest social networking channel. YouTubers upload millions of videos daily, and everyone enjoys watching them. Luckily, you can use the YouTube Downloader to download your videos freely. 

Suppose you are ready to start but struggling with what to post; no worries! This article has you all covered. Here are the twelve splendid ideas to kickstart your creativity and go viral on YouTube. Let the game begin!

12 Excellent YouTube Video Ideas 

Did you know there are countless ideas you can leverage to create your YouTube video? Yes! This can be classified into several categories. They are as follows. 

  1. “Getting to know you” videos (Best for beginners).
  2. “Tutorial or educational” videos. 
  3. “Review” videos.
  4. “Funny” videos.

These are the most popular video ideas to spice up your YouTube channel. First, pick your niche and focus on that. Then, use the following video ideas to make the best YouTube video organically. 

1. “Getting to Know You” Videos

#1 Introduce Yourself

The first video to start is one in which you introduce yourself to your audience. Tell your subscribers who you are and what you are doing. Also, tell people what they can expect from your channel. Create a welcoming video and express your true feelings with them. 

#2 Introduce Your Company and Team

If you upload videos representing your company or brand, create a video introducing your business and what they are doing. Moreover, you can make a video introducing your team members and develop a personal connection with them.

#3 Start a Vlog

You can start vlogging and upload videos on your YouTube channel, like writing blogs and articles. If you need clarification on vlogging, use the youtube downloader app to download famous vlogs on YouTube. Later, use them as your reference.  

2. “Tutorial or Educational” Videos

#4 DIY & How-to Videos

If you are handy around the house and admire doing crafts, this idea is for you. You can post videos about DIY projects and explain how to do these DIYs to your subscribers. When you continuously upload creative videos, you can increase your subscribers more quickly. 

#5 Do a Presentation or Webinar

Another best idea is sharing your expertise. Perform a presentation or webinar on YouTube by explaining and sharing a tricky topic. For instance, if you are presenting a webinar, start recording from beginning to end and upload it to your channel. 

#6 Infographic Videos

Uploading infographic videos is one of the engaging ways to share information on YouTube. Remember that you can display statistics and facts in a more visually appealing way so that people can understand them easily. 

3. “Review” Videos

#7 Movie or Book Reviews

Have you recently watched a movie? Go to YouTube and start recording a video. Share your thoughts and start a discussion about that movie. Remember, you can’t give spoilers about the movie. The same goes for book reviews, too. Share your opinion on your latest book and encourage people to read that book. 

#8 Customer Testimonials

If you own a brand, then customer testimonials should play a part in your strategy. This kind of video will help you build trust in your brand and enhance social proof effectively. Record a video of your customer genuinely giving feedback about your business. 

#9 Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most famous kinds of content on YouTube. Many YouTubers tried this video idea at least once in their videos. You can also make a product review video and upload it to your channel. 

4. “Funny” Videos

#10 Make Skis or Comedy Videos

Among all these video ideas, a funny video can help you go viral on YouTube. Sounds amazing, right? You can create a comedy video or perform a skit and garner your audience attention effortlessly. Also, using a youtube downloader, you can download your favourite funny videos offline. 

#11 Prank Videos

Prank videos are like evergreen video content on YouTube, and everybody loves prank videos. Play a prank on someone and upload the final outcome on your channel. When you prank someone, you must be harmless and never hurt their feelings. 

#12 Funny Baby & Animal Compilations

Last but not least, uploading cute and funny videos of babies or animals can lead to large subscriptions. Everybody loved babies and animals, and nobody can deny it. You can post videos of your babies and animals to your channel and increase your subscribers smoothly. 

Bottom Line

Finally, these are the twelve video ideas you can leverage to increase your subscribers on YouTube. Hope this article gives you a great insight into the video ideas concerning all the niches. Choose your niche first and make videos accordingly. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading!


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